Catalytic converters
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What Is a High-Flow Catalytic Converter?

When it comes to modifying your car, you’re probably familiar with adding an aftermarket, free-flowing intake, larger headers, and an exhaust system with larger piping in order to gain more horsepower. But have you thought of modifying the catalytic converter to a high-flow unit? What does a catalytic converter do? Every car has a catalytic …

2021 BMW M3 is on display at the 110th Annual Chicago Auto Show
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BMW Finally Rolled Back One of Its Most Hated Features

The motoring community has accepted BMW into their hearts as one of the most consistently exciting and driver-focused car makers in the world. Rear-wheel drive, (sometimes) manual transmissions, and plenty of power are the aspects BMW has built its name on. The new 2021 BMW lineup should make some buyers a little happier. Though the German …

Visitors look at the aftermarket exhaust of a sideways-turned car
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Do Performance Exhausts Really Increase Horsepower?

Improving the airflow to a car’s engine is one of the first, and often easiest, modifications many enthusiasts make. Another common mod is giving your car an aftermarket performance exhaust. Many OEMs, such as Ford, GM, and Toyota, even offer them as factory accessories. But does giving your car a ‘performance’ exhaust really do anything? …

Tesla Model 3
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Tesla Exhaust Systems Are Real

The attraction to Tesla vehicles is that they are electric vehicles. As such, they do not need or have an exhaust system. But, lifelong automotive enthusiasts may that purchase them may still end up missing the warble of a throaty exhaust note. Now, there is a solution for the silent Tesla. RELATED: Does the Tesla Model 3 Make for a …