A blue Chevrolet Equinox in a desert area.
2022 Chevrolet Equinox | Getty Images

The Chevrolet Equinox is a small SUV with a pleasing exterior and spacious interior. The model also comes as a sportier version with competitive performance and style. It offers excellent safety features focused on protecting that inside without sacrificing comfort. An available AWD option is superior in various weather conditions as well.

The model has many technological advancements, especially as the trims get higher, including a build-in Alexa and an excellent infotainment system. It is a great option for someone looking for a larger vehicle with an affordable price tag or just someone that enjoys traveling with light off-road usage.

The model’s sales have declined in recent years due to failure to redesign and revamp the vehicle and a few quality concerns. However, it is still an excellent option for those looking for a larger vehicle as a daily driver or something to do some light traveling in. Its spacious interior is a perfect option for all walks of life.

About Chevrolet

  • 2021 Equinox (Starting MSRP: $25,800)
  • Pro: It is a great exterior design with excellent safety features.
  • Con: Sales have declined due to people waiting for a redesign and quality issues. 
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