The Environmental Protection Agency, known as the EPA, is an independent federal agency focused on environmental protection and inforces set regulations put in place to aid in the fight for the environment. The agency also studies environmental issues and gives grants to various programs to help protect human health and the environment.

The EPA provides mileage goals to help manufacturers reach where they need to be. Some manufacturers struggle to meet their EPA fuel-efficiency claims, while others do match the claims. The EPA is finally making it harder for vehicles, such as heavy-duty trucks and more, to pollute the environment.

EPA ratings are easy to track down for vehicles and can be found on Monroney Sticker on the car when making the purchase. The information released from the agency has always been an excellent gauge for gas mileage. If you are looking into purchasing a vehicle anytime soon, it may be worth your time to look at ratings to help you save on gas down the road.

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