A red Energica motorcycle charging.
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Energica is a company out of Modena, Italy, which has paved the way for innovative motorcycles. In 2009 the company took on the task to develop a fully electric racing motorcycle that was technologically advanced and built as a true-to-form sports bike. This was when the Energica project came to be. The company’s history is deeply rooted in racing. Therefore, it would make sense that Energica would make such excellent sports bikes made from state-of-the-art technologies as an everyday rider for those who enjoy the sportier ride.

In 2010 the company even carried out the ambitious project to develop and race a MotoE motorcycle and compete in various races to illustrate the power they had created. These motorcycles are made for those that truly enjoy a quality sports bike with outstanding driving dynamics, style, and technological advancements. It is better for the environment as an electric bike and does not require gas expenses. This is definitely a great everyday driver.

Featured Vehicle: Energica EsseEsse9

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All Energica Motorcycles:

EMCE: This stands for Energica-Mavel Co-engineered Motor and Inverter. It is part of their EGO line.

Enerica EGO: A great electric motorcycle that has a need for speed.

EVA Ribelle: This model is the first electric hyper-naked motorcycle to date.

EsseEsse9:It is more of a classic electric motorcycle ready for the journey.

EGO Kit Corsa Clienti: This model is built for MotoE performance.

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