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Lotus Elise

How Does the Toyota MR2 Spyder Actually Compare to the Lotus Elise

The Toyota MR2 Spyder is the long-forgotten mid-engine roadster that deserved more attention than it received, but Lotus Elise owners know just how comparable this MR2 really is to the Elise. It was designed to offer drives interested in having a more familiar brand and platform with the Toyota name at a lower price point
A bright blue Lotus Elise parked at the Parco Valentino car show

Is the Lotus Elise Actually a Kit Car?

I won’t be the first to admit that the Lotus Elise isn’t the most common car out there. They sit on the awkward border of cars that are affordable enough for the average driver to buy on the used car market but rare enough to still be exciting to see. Its odd size makes it …
A yellow 1996 Lotus Elise S1 on a racetrack

The Light and Simple Lotus Elise S1 Is Finally Import-Eligible

As many JDM fans know, sometimes famed performance nameplates take a while to make it onto US shores. And even after they arrive here, the early models age into classics, leaving American enthusiasts waiting on that 25-year-import mark. In 2021, the wait is over for one beloved British sports car that, initially, couldn’t be sold …

Skip The Lotus Elise And Buy An Alfa Romeo 4C Instead

I’m a big fan of Lotus cars, the Elise being one of my all-time favorite cars, but one day at a car show I stumbled upon an equally unknown and just as underrated sports car, the Alfa Romeo 4C. It had the same small stature and lightweight appearance as the Lotus Elise but it also …
1 1997 Lotus Elise Sport 190 driving on a beautiful country road

You Can Buy The Lotus Elise Cheap – On One Condition

The dreaded branded title, cars that hold the words ‘salvaged‘ or ‘rebuilt‘ are typically avoided by the plague. For a car to have one of these types of titles, it means that the car has sustained such extensive damage that the insurance agency, along with the help of mechanics and inspectors, has decided that the …

Can you Daily Drive a Lotus Elise

When it comes to driving an exotic car, you might think of weekend outings or driving down the coast somewhere. Very rarely do people consider an exotic car when it comes to their daily vehicle of choice. That’s not always the case for drivers who have a need for speed or just like to make …