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Black 1994 Nissan Silvia coupe in front of a hedge

This Is Why Drifters Still Love the Nissan Silvia

Though performance is somewhat absent from its lineup these days, Nissan once offered quite a selection of enthusiast cars. And quite a few, like the 350Z and 370Z, became popular drifting cars, thanks to their rear-wheel drive. But there’s another Nissan, long out of production, that’s still regularly seen in the drifting circuit: the Nissan …
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Is it Possible to Drift a Front-Wheel-Drive Car?

Over the past couple of decades, drifting has been widely accepted as a full-fledged motorsport, thanks to sanctioned events and famous drivers like Ken Block. To some, drifting is considered an art form as it takes lots of practice to get it just right since rear-drive cars can be tough to handle. But what about …