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A blue car with decals drifting on a race track.

Who Invented Drifting?

Professional drivers have devised interesting and exciting ways to make their cars go fast. One of these techniques is known as drifting. Drifting has enticed the minds of fans and drivers alike for many years, but plenty of people still don't know that much about it.
A black Porsche Taycan drifts on wet pavement

What Is Snap Oversteer and Why Is it Dangerous?

Have you ever wanted a mid-engine, rear-drive car like a Toyota MR2 or a Honda S2000? If so, then you’ve probably done your research as far as the current market pricing of the car, its specs, and maybe even some worthwhile modifications you would do in the future. During your research about either car, you …

Watch the Toyota GR Supra Drift Racing With the Pros

Not all people care to watch video reels of cars drifting around the track. For those who do, this clip of the Toyota GR Supra drift racing is pretty awesome. Especially for those out there that love Toyota and appreciate the design and engineering that this Japanese carmaker flows into each vehicle. In the video …
A photo of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S utilizing its drift mode on track.

Drift Mode Is a Pointless Hot Hatch Feature We Actually Love

The recent unveiling of the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R brought along the announcement of a unique new feature. The Golf R now features a new drift mode, which in theory, should allow its owners to do wonderful skids on the track. The VW isn’t even the only hot hatchback to offer it. So far, only …
Black 1994 Nissan Silvia coupe in front of a hedge

This Is Why Drifters Still Love the Nissan Silvia

Though performance is somewhat absent from its lineup these days, Nissan once offered quite a selection of enthusiast cars. And quite a few, like the 350Z and 370Z, became popular drifting cars, thanks to their rear-wheel drive. But there’s another Nissan, long out of production, that’s still regularly seen in the drifting circuit: the Nissan …