Red 1983 Pontiac Fiero

Terrible Cars People Can’t Help But Want

Many car enthusiasts are guilty of having on the car they are embarrassed by wanting, even though they are actually terrible cars. Some of them are just ugly or poorly designed, and others are just flat out dangerous. Whatever the reason, these cars are terrible, but people can’t help but want them. Plymouth Prowler The …


Can You Daily Drive a Dodge Viper?

Sometimes the worst part of running a mundane errand revolves around the time you spend getting to wherever it is you need to go. Sitting in traffic, stop light after stop light or making your way down the highway can be a total drag on your day. Whether you drive 10 minutes a day or …


This ‘Widow Maker’ Car Might Actually Kill You

It’s American Muscle. It’s a well-beloved Dodge supercar. It’s got a reputation for being a ‘widow maker’. The Dodge Viper might actually kill you. The Dodge Viper Weighed down by a monstrous 8.0L to 8.4L V10 motor, this loved American-made supercar provides a terrifying amount of power. The SRT V10 motor, also found in some …