Border Patrol Detaining Someone
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Places in a Car That Smugglers Try to Hide Things

It is no surprise that south of the United States border, there are a lot of people trying to find ways to get Americans to part with their cash. Sometimes that means smuggling illegal substances across the border to them. Everyday US Border Patrol agents and their K9 partners inspect untold numbers of vehicles to prevent this illegal smuggling. …

Eaton Suretrac limited-slip differential cutaway
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What Makes a Limited-Slip Differential Desirable?

It’s a technology that’s found in many performance cars, from Mazda Miatas to police-spec Crown Vics. It’s found a place in JDM icons and hot hatches. Some rally SUVs even had multiple ones. It’s the limited-slip differential. But what exactly does it do, and why is it so desirable? What does a differential do? The …