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A black 1990 small, tow-door, SUV.

Whatever Happened to Daihatsu?

In the late 1980s, Daihatsu took a stab at importing automobiles to the United States under its own brand name. So, some people might recall seeing the Daihatsu Charade sedan and Rocky SUV in their daily commutes. But, things changed in the 1990s. For some reason, they disappeared. This has left some wondering whatever happened …
2020 Daihatsu TAFT | Daihatsu-
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When Coronavirus Is Over Let’s All Get A Daihatsu TAFT!

Being cooped up at home sucks! When the coronavirus crisis is finally over, let’s do something wild and crazy before getting back to sanity. Let’s all agree to go out and buy a new Daihatsu TAFT. It looks fun and different and it makes no sense. So who’s in? Before we all rush out to …