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1984 Honda CR-X 2 twin-engine | Rare Blend via YouTube

You Need This Twin-Engine 1984 Honda CR-X For Sale

Crazy magazine builds tend to disappear, and then reappear years and sometimes decades later. This Honda project was memorable for featuring two engines in this CR-X-2 dubbed “Project Synchronicity” by Car and Driver back in 1984. It even ended up on a C&D cover. Everybody needs a twin-engine Honda CR-X, right? After disappearing for years …

Fuel-Saver Flashback: Honda CR-X HF

Taking a look back at the history of Honda’s compact car lineup, it’s easy to see why the brand has garnered such an amazing reputation for achieving stellar fuel economy. During the mid- to late-80s, while gas prices were on the rise and large American cars ran rampant, Honda was producing cars like the CR-X; …