Toyota Camry Hybrid

Car Sales Are so Bad Even Toyota Is Struggling

It’s no secret that the car industry has been rocked since the coronavirus pandemic intensified. While there are some signs of recovery, we are by no means out of the woods yet. This has been made even more evident by Toyota’s recent financial forecast. The popular carmaker expects profits to drop by 80 percent due …

2021 Nissan Rogue on street
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Is Nissan Ready for a Bounce Back?

Nissan is often overlooked in the auto sales world because of its “vanilla” persona. Lately, the carmaker has had more recent success with its Murano SUV and Frontier pickup truck. Now, Nissan looks like it’s headed for even more good news as their car sales start to bounce in the largest automobile market, China. Nissan’s …

The 2020 Ford F-150 races down a sandy road
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2021 Ford F-150 Production Date Delayed

The Ford F-150, though it has its good and bad reviews across the board, is a trusted vehicle. It’s America’s favorite truck for decades and it is a favorite across the globe as well. It’s a fantastic family car and a workhorse towing machine. Will we see a 2021 Ford F-150? As of today, it …

Lincoln Park Police Department
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Driving While Wearing an N95 Mask Can Be Incredibly Dangerous

Safety behind the wheel is always important. Auto manufacturers are constantly addressing vehicle safety but nothing replaces critical thinking and careful driving. Distracted driving is still at the top of the list for accidents along with drinking and driving. However, in light of our new normal, some new hazards are being identified. Driving While Wearing an N95 Mask Can Be …

Ferrari 812 Superfast in red
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Ferrari’s Five-Year Plan In Jeopardy

I recently posted about how Ferrari switched from the production of cars to the production of parts to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, they fired up their production lines to create pieces for scuba masks to be converted into respirators. But, manufacturers across the automotive industry have begun talking about resuming vehicle production, as has Ferrari. In fact, Ferrari …

NASCAR virtual racing
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Crazy IRacing Special Event Tonight

If you do not follow the different racing leagues, then you might find it surprising to know that the COVID-19 has not slowed the drivers down. Racing is still happening. But it is happening virtually. Tonight there will be another race, but this one will not be to hone driver skills as much as it will be for utter ridiculous …

Open road in fall
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Animals Take Over the Streets During Quarantine

Animals have taken over the streets during the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown. Morning commutes have changed during the human absence in recent weeks. The roads have, for the most part, been devoid of vehicles. But the interesting thing is that animals that once stayed away from humans are now finding their boundaries removed, and are themselves taking to the empty roads. …

2021 Ford Bronco four-door model on display

Ford Confirms Bronco Still Launching This Spring

Some good news arrived today, coming from the Ford camp. It has to do with the Bronco. Some speculated that the official vehicle reveal was going to be pushed back from Spring toward the middle or end of the year due to COVID-19 related closures of large automotive industry shows. The shows are great opportunities for manufacturers to launch a …

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Ford Turns Airbag Material Into Medical Gowns

Auto manufacturers across the globe have turned their efforts toward combating coronavirus (COVID-19) and examining what resources and skills can be used to help. Ford is expanding its efforts to produce respirators, face masks, testing kits, and now medical gowns. “The need to protect our medical teams is heightened – Ford’s gown production could not …

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Coloring Pages for Car Enthusiasts and Kids

What was once an activity reserved for the entertainment of children has captured the attention of automakers and car enthusiasts—coloring pages designed with the help of your favorite car brands and designers. Looking for some new ideas to keep your whole family entertained during quarantine? Car enthusiasts and kids alike will be able to enjoy …

2019 Subaru Forester Sport on the track.

Subaru Offers Customers Three Month Payment Relief

As of April 9, the total reported cases of coronavirus had reached over one million up to over 1 million. More than 6 million families have become jobless and are barely scraping by when it comes to bills. Many automakers, Kia, Ford, Mitsubishi, Acura, and others are offering deferred payment options at this time. Subaru …

2020 Kia Telluride driving down paved road
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Kia Offers Customers Three Months Payment Relief

The COVID-19 virus is highly contagious, as most people know and is causing many households to struggle economically. Automotive companies, such as Kia, are offering payment relief, incentivized leases, low-interest loan rates, payment deferrals, and more.  Kia Offers Customers Three Months Payment Relief An overwhelming amount of families are jobless these days and filled with …

Ford pickup trucks at dealership
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Pandemic Forces Car Dealers to Adjust Sales Model

Online buying services such as Carvana and Vroom have been trying to disrupt the traditional car-buying process for years. The Coronavirus is also a disrupter. The outbreak of the coronavirus may play into a more robust and stable future for the online services as opposed to the traditional car dealerships, at least for the short-term. Get The Lead-In Traditional …

New York International Auto Show Website
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Postponed: New York International Auto Show

Late Tuesday afternoon, the organizers of the New York International Auto Show announced that its annual show was postponed. Originally scheduled to run April 10-19th, the show was rescheduled for August 28th through September 6, 2020. Mark Schienberg, President of the New York Automobile Dealers Association, said the move was being made to protect “attendees, …

Race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his car.
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Motorsport Is Making Coronavirus Adjustments

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization on their website declared, “COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.” This means that there is a major concern for the health and wellbeing of humans globally. Indeed, the Coronavirus, as it is commonly known, is no respecter of national borders, political parties, religious faith, or even gender. So, …

Coronavirus volunteer
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Coronavirus Is Affecting Vehicle Production

News about the spread of Coronavirus and efforts to contain it have been all over the news outlets for months now. For those unaffected, it might be hard to comprehend how something with so enormous an influence on a population overseas could affect the automotive industry in the United States. However, Coronavirus is certainly doing …