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Five Budget-Friendly Cars That Are Also Fun to Drive

In need of a new affordable car but also looking for something fun to drive? We’ve got a list of the top five best vehicles that are budget-friendly, and you’ll feel good driving them. Our recommendations are based on safety, affordability, reliability, efficiency, fun, and technology.  Budget-Friendly Cars That Are Also Fun to Drive Not …
Toyota Corolla GR Sport Hybrid is displayed during the first press day at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show
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The Toyota Corolla Might Sell Well, But It’s Far From a Class Leader

The Toyota Corolla is one of the oldest cars around, which first debuted in the mid-60s. Despite this, it has evolved so well that it continues to dominate the sedan market. It’s not just in the United States either – one out of every five Toyota models sold worldwide is a Corolla. Despite its popularity, the Corolla is …
Kia Soul X-Line driving on dirt trail

Battle of the Hatchbacks: Kia Soul vs. Toyota Corolla HB

The hatchback car body style used to be seen as stuffy and boring. Now, thanks to modern styling, hatchbacks are chic and can make a bold statement. They are also pretty affordable. Two of the coolest hatch-type cars in 2020 are the Kia Soul and the Toyota Corolla hatchback. So, which one should you choose? …
2020 Toyota Corolla XSE Hatchback

Toyota Is Bringing a Corolla Hot Hatch to the US

Toyota seems to be slowly regaining its performance mojo. While the Avalon TRD isn’t terribly sporty, the Camry TRD can have some racetrack fun. Unfortunately, US enthusiasts can’t get their hands on the GR Yaris. Like the Celica GT4 before it, the GR Yaris is a true AWD homologation-special hot hatch. But because it’s so …
Toyota Corolla compact hatchback car on display at Brussels Expo
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2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback: What You Should Know Before Buying

While the popularity of some sedans has faded, some of them are still going strong. The Honda Civic, now almost 50 years old, just won a Best Buy award from Kelley Blue Book. The Toyota Camry is also a consumer favorite thanks to its great price and fuel efficiency. Many sedan shoppers also have their …
2020 Toyota C-HR
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These Toyota Recalls Could Throw You Out of Your Seat

The 2020 Toyota lineup has seen some great improvements. Technology upgrades, more standard safety features, and modern new body designs are all components of 2020 Toyotas fresh on the market. We have AWD featured on some models for the first time as well as the cutting edge trims like the new night shade edition. But …
2020 Toyota Corolla

The 2020 Toyota Corolla is Less Reliable Than its Hybrid Version

Toyota sells a massive number of Corolla units each year. With the release of the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid, sales should remain strong. This compact sedan keeps up with the times. Though it’s not the most exciting car on the road, the Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars on Earth. It turns …
Toyota cars lined up in a dealership's parking low

5 Reasons the Toyota Corolla is Still the Most Sold Car on Earth

The Toyota Corolla is a global favorite. It’s one of the most well known automotive models on the market. The Toyota Corolla is safe, reliable, and manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in the world. The Corolla accounts for 1 out of every 5 Toyotas sold. Corolla models are seen on roads from …
A new Toyota Camry hybrid automobile is on display during the second press day of the Paris Motor Show

These Toyotas Achieve 40 MPGs or More

There are many reasons a person will replace a vehicle. For example, their current vehicle may be facing the end of a lease, or the vehicle may have become a mechanical nightmare, or the car is so old that the vehicle has had its wheels driven off of it. Regardless of the motivation to get …

3 Reasons Why the Toyota Corolla Hatchback is the Best Corolla Ever

For many years, the Toyota Corolla has been widely perceived as being practical, fuel-efficient, and affordable. However, other descriptive words like “boring,” “bland,” and “slow” also come to mind. Fortunately, the Corolla was completely refreshed for 2019 and comes in a new hatchback body style, which we think is the best Corolla that you could …