A silver 2022 Chevrolet Colorado in a flat desert area with a white and blue skyline.
2022 Chevrolet Colorado | Creative Commons

The Chevrolet Colorado is an excellent option for those light off-road moments. It is known for its simplicity and as an ideal everyday truck. The model has become outdated and not preferred as much as its more updated competitors. However, the new 2023 model promises a significant redesign and some substantial upgrades in all departments in hopes of bringing the truck back to the forefront. Even still, the current model years are known as a rugged, simple truck made as an everyday driver that lasts a lengthy amount of time.

The model is reliable and an excellent option for rugged use. Its durability can compete with the best. Even with its outdated interior and exterior, it is a great work truck for those that need something simple with an average towing capacity and a great price tag. The model’s diesel is also one of the most fuel-efficient trucks on the market. So, whether you need a great work truck or are just looking for a basic truck, this model can be great for you.

About Chevrolet

  • 2022 Colorado (Starting MSRP: $25,200)
  • Pro: The model is an excellent basic truck for work or play.   
  • Con: The truck itself is outdated and needs a redesign, which will come in 2023. 
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