1997 Toyota Century V12 sedan

Toyota Once Made a V12 Luxury Sedan, and It Wasn’t a Lexus

In the US, Lexus has always been the place for Toyota’s most high-end cars. That’s been the case ever since the LS400 made massive waves in the luxury segment. But the brand doesn’t just do reliable luxury. The Lexus LFA, although overshadowed by contemporary supercars, had one of the best naturally-aspirated engines put in a …

2019 Toyota Century

More Exclusive Than a Rolls-Royce: The Toyota Century

Exclusivity is a powerful coin. To know that you’re one of only a select few to have access to something. Sometimes exclusivity is deliberate—Lamborghini doesn’t want too many people driving Urus SUVs, after all. Other times, the combination of materials, design, and customization drive prices up so high, few can afford them. Such is the …