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A CarMax sign on the front of a CarMax superstore on September 24, 2020, in Colma, California

CarMax Will No Longer Sell New Vehicles, but the 24-Hour Test Drive Still Stands

After 27 years, America’s largest used-vehicle retailer, CarMax, recently announced it’s exiting the new-vehicle retail business. The Fortune 500 company is dumping its last two franchised dealerships, both Toyota, to specialize in used-car sales. The news comes after the auto retailer touted its new 24-hour test drives. Why did CarMax pivot after a quarter-century of …
The front of a CarMax dealership

Carmax’s Highest Appraisal Offer Will Leave You Dumbfounded

When it comes to selling your car to a dealer, there’s almost no easier way to get it done than going to Carmax. You simply bring your car to any Carmax location, they appraise it and then give you an offer right on the spot with a seven-day grace period. The process is so easy …
The outside of a CarMax dealership

Carmax Is Now Allowing For 24-Hour Test Drives

We’ve all done it before. We’ve all bought a product, brought it home, decided it wasn’t for us, and then returned it the next day. After all, that’s what 30-day return policies are for, right? Well, not so much for cars, until now. Carmax is now doing 24-hour test drives to make sure that you …
The front of a CarMax dealership

How Does CarMax Work When Buying a Car?

OK, so let’s say you’ve decided to buy a new car. Well, new to you at least. Used car dealers have a reputation for being shady that’s often well-earned, too, so we understand why a lot of customers find used car shopping so stressful. That’s why it also makes sense why people find the idea …
The front of a CarMax dealership

How Does CarMax Work When Selling a Car?

When you watch the commercials on your TV, you get the impression that CarMax is a friendly, professional car dealer. The actors are all dressed cleanly, and they’ve got big smiles on their faces. Oh, and unlike local car dealers, the commercials actually look like they were shot by a professional. And while it may …
A sign for a used car dealership

CarMax Is No Longer Circling the Drain

When the coronavirus pandemic first intensified and shocked business markets, the question on the minds of many auto experts was “who is going to want to buy a car now?” Unsurprisingly, it changed how many people have been buying new or used cars considering the ongoing global health crisis and rising unemployment numbers. But more …