A black Porsche Taycan drifts on wet pavement
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This Porsche Taycan Carbon Fiber Kit Costs a Cool $15K

German automaker Porsche, which makes best-selling sports cars, produces a myriad of elegant models. The new and exciting Taycan EV is arguably the most beautiful in terms of styling. So why would anyone want to mess with aesthetic perfection?   Well, there’s one upgrade that takes the Taycan’s body design up a notch. That’s right …

The Cervelo R5 Lamborghini Edition bicycle in motion
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Lamborghini Goes Too Old-School, Unveils Bicycle

Lamborghini is a brand known for performance cars. But, did you know that the company is also involved in other projects? The automaker has also been involved with tractors and boats. It does not end there. For something a little more affordable, Lamborghini has also ventured into bicycles. Oddly though, the bicycles are old school …

Carbon fiber wheels
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Why Do so Many Expensive Cars Use Carbon Fiber?

For building cars, metal is usually the go-to. The Tesla Cybertruck’s body is stainless steel, for instance. It’s strong but heavy. Aluminum is the metal of choice for cutting weight, as with Ford’s F-Series trucks, Bollinger’s chassis, and some of Morgan’s upcoming cars. Bugatti, too, once used aluminum body panels. However, some of the most …

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How Composites are Improving Cars

If you’re a fan of classic cars, you probably think “they just don’t build cars like they used to” and you don’t mean that in a positive way. You’d be correct in saying that car manufacturers are going about building cars in whole new ways, using new materials and new technology. Classic car enthusiasts often …