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Hertz Special Edition engine and plaque

Corvettes on Sale as Hertz Tries to Avoid Bankruptcy

Last week I posted that car rental behemoth Hertz might be forced to sell a lot of its automotive inventory to avert a possible bankruptcy. I also outlined how a massive sell-off by Hertz could affect used car prices. Well, there is a post by our friends at Muscle Cars and Trucks that has been published saying that Hertz is indeed …
Two black Hertz Rental Camaros

How Potential Hertz Bankruptcy Could Hurt Used Car Prices

Rental company Hertz Global Holdings, Inc., has been weathering the COVID-19 storm as best as it can. But there have been fewer people traveling during the global lockdown. Consequently, the car rental company has seen its revenue deflate in recent weeks. The lack of incoming funds it has put the company in a possible bankruptcy situation if things continue for too …
Charred Remains of Cars

Over 3,500 Rental Cars Destroyed in Fire

A fire erupted near Southwest Florida International Airport last Friday night just before 5 pm. The fire started in a grassy rental car overflow parking lot for the airport. It originally involved twenty cars. As fire crews began responding, the flames quickly spread throughout the grassy area and consumed more vehicles. Eventually, two helicopters were …