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Low-interest auto loans sign for "low rates"

Best Tips for What to Do Before Your Car Is Repossessed

You don't want to get into a situation where your car might be repossessed. There are ramification that happen beyond the initial repossession, but there are ways not to get into your car being taken. We've got info on what to do and how to get into a subsidized loan program.
Auto loans and dealer fraud up in 2023

Report: 10% of Car Dealers Commit Loan Fraud Study Says

A recent study by a respected risk management company to auto lenders found that 10% of car dealerships commit loan fraud. It can take different forms both on the dealer and buyer sides. But with the rise of early payment defaults, those car loans that default in the first six months from origination, there is …
A customer signs a contract for a new car.

What Is a Zero-Down Car Loan?

If you're planning to buy a new car, then you may have the option of getting a zero-down payment auto loan. But is it a good idea to get one?