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2020 Toyota C-HR

These Toyota Recalls Could Throw You Out of Your Seat

The 2020 Toyota lineup has seen some great improvements. Technology upgrades, more standard safety features, and modern new body designs are all components of 2020 Toyotas fresh on the market. We have AWD featured on some models for the first time as well as the cutting edge trims like the new night shade edition. But …

Don’t Sleep on the Toyota C-HR if You Value Style

Crossover SUVs are all the rage these days and the Toyota C-HR is a fun, reliable option that’s an all-around great buy. The C-HR was first introduced in 2016 and was basically Toyota’s way of disrupting its own traditional, humdrum architectural design. The crossover’s offbeat style is attractive to young buyers but still appeals to …
2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition with FJ40 off-roading in desert

What is the Best Toyota SUV?

Unlike Mazda and Honda, Toyota offers both car-based crossovers and body-on-frame SUVs. The wide selection and Toyota’s reputation for reliability is partly why the automaker’s seeing strong sales. But there are some significant differences between passenger cars and body-on-frame SUVs that impact daily-driving. So, with that in mind, which is the best Toyota SUV for …