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A boat with Electric on the side on the water.

This $500,000 Electric Yacht Can Cross Oceans on Solar Power Alone

People are making the switch from gas-powered cars to EVs in order to fight climate change, but cars are just one source of emissions. All types of vehicles, including planes, trains, and boats, emit emissions. This applies to yachts that the rich lounge on. That's exactly why there's a $500,000 solar-powered yacht.
Jet boat on the water with a someone riding skis going up a ramp in front of a city skyline.
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Are Jet Boats Dangerous?

Some experts recommend jet boats for beginners who want something that provides speed on the water. But, with this type of motor installed, are jet boats dangerous or will they make boating relatively safe? What are the good and bad points of owning a vessel like this?
A black and white photo of Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump onboard the 'Trump Princess'

Donald Trump’s $30 Million Yacht, ‘Trump Princess’, Included Onyx Bathrooms and a Helicopter Landing Pad

On the 'Trump Princess' there are 11 luxurious guest staterooms with equally luxurious ensuite bathrooms, bird's eye maple and chamois-covered walls, and a helicopter landing pad. What billionaire wouldn't want to entertain friends and business associates in this floating palace? Maybe that's why Donald Trump bought the yacht when it hit the market in 1987.
Beyoncé performing during the 'On the Run II' tour in Cleveland, Ohio

Does Beyoncé Have a Yacht?

Included among celebrity yacht users is Beyoncé. Along with her husband Jay-Z, they've chartered yachts in the past, including a luxurious yacht that goes for $2 million a week. Read on to learn about past yachts the couple has chartered and more details about an even more spacious yacht they chartered last year.