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A vehicle driving in the snow, potentially AWD or 4WD.

AWD or 4WD: Which Is Better in the Snow?

Winter is in full swing, and unless you live in a sunny state with mild weather, you may be looking for a vehicle that can handle the snow. The main choices to consider are either AWD or 4WD. However, which is the best when it comes to snow?
An overhead shot of a red 2021 Tesla Model 3 parked on an empty air strip

Is the Tesla Model 3 All-Wheel Drive?

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the more affordable luxury electric cars you can get. It's also the most popular Tesla model. The problem with a good luxury car is that, historically, they often only come with rear-wheel drive. So, does the Tesla Model 3 have all-wheel drive?
2021 Toyota Camry parked on the top level of a parking garage

The 2021 Toyota Camry Finally Brings Back Fan-Favorite Feature After 29 Years

The 1980s definitely had a vibe. It is one of the more identifiable eras in recent history. Back then, Car culture was something altogether different from the previous decade. A major change was the obsession with all-wheel-drive cars. Rally was raging with group B madness, and production cars were all about trying to follow suit. …
the AWDe is a great example of why knowing what drivetrain and powertrain mean is important

5 Reasons You Need a Toyota Prius in Your Life

Love it or hate it, the Toyota Prius is probably not going anywhere any time soon, and for good reason. Toyota has sold well over 6 million Prii globally to date because let’s face it, people want a car that can get over 50 mpg reliably while carrying their families, friends, and all the cargo …
Dodge Challenger in warm colors like orange, yellow, and red

Top 5 AWD Sports Cars in 2020

Most of the best sports cars on the market are all-wheel-drive (AWD) and for a good reason. AWD powertrains provide better traction when accelerating or driving on a slippery road. Sports cars like the Nissan GT-R and Audi A5 appeared and out dragged and out cornered the fastest rear-wheel drive (RWD) muscle cars. Since the beginning, manual transmissions, roaring engines, and …
Kalle Rovanpera of Finland and Jonne Halttunen of Finland compete with their Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT Toyota Yaris

Is All-Wheel Drive Worth the Upgrade?

When we talk about cars or trucks, we always head straight for the Tim “The Toolman” Taylor grunts and want to know about power. Horsepower and torque reign supreme in the arena of “car specs people care most about,” but the driveline plays a massive role in how that power hits the road. How do …
Automobility LA - Toyota Prius

The 2019 Toyota Prius Is a Better Buy Than the 2020

The Toyota Prius is one of those cars that people consider a practical vehicle. Its fuel economy is amazing and it can accommodate a small family and their things. Plus, the Toyota Prius hybrid car gets the stamp of Toyota’s reliability. Additionally, the Prius recently received a redesign. It now boasts edgier styling and available …
An orange 1969 Jensen Interceptor FF Mk I on a foggy countryside road

The Jensen Interceptor: A Classic AWD European Muscle Car

America isn’t the only country to develop muscle cars. Various European manufacturers have also dipped their toes into the segment, both recently and in the past. Some of the classic muscle cars, such as the Allard J2, were so-called ‘hybrids,’ combining European bodies with American engines. And one of these, the Jensen Interceptor, wasn’t just …
a deep red all-new Toyota Sienna, rear view in a desert landscape

The Toyota Sienna Will Never Get TRD Off-Road for This Reason

The Toyota Sienna is a faithful family hauler. It takes the the whole crew on long family road trips in comfort––toting everyone’s stuff in the vast cargo that gives minivans their special edge in the market. An available AWD powertrain made the Sienna special for a long time. Now, the Chrysler Pacifica offers that as …
A red 2020 Subaru Outback driving on the countryside.

Is the Subaru Outback More Expensive to Maintain?

The Subaru Outback is one of the most popular AWD crossover SUVs in America. The Toyota RAV4 is also a popular choice. But does the price to buy the Subaru wagon come with expensive maintenance costs that the dealer didn’t tell you about? How expensive is Outback maintenance? The investment in buying a car is …
A black Ford transit passenger van in the snow

2020 Ford Transit: Is it Better?

For 2020, the Ford Transit cargo and passenger vans have seen some welcome updates. Though it isn’t a complete redesign, the popular full-size van gets a mid-cycle refresh. Some changes are cosmetic, while some of them go deeper. But is the new 2020 Ford Transit better than its previous models? Apart from the all-new grille …