2018 Kia Stinger

Is the Kia Stinger a Half-Priced Audi A7?

The Audi A7 is perhaps one of the most unique and luxurious sports sedans on the market today. Its coupe-like shape, practical hatchback, and athletic performance characteristics are unlike any other car, except perhaps for the Kia Stinger. The Korean brand’s most recent star performer takes some of its styling cues from Audi’s four-door coupe, …


The Porsche Panamera 4S Beats The Audi A7 In Performance

Sportscar lovers are always on the search to find a great car that you can daily drive with some comfort and practicality, and there aren’t a lot of options out there. BMW fanatics have the M3 which can be tuned for great performance at the sacrifice of your comfort. The Porsche Panamera 4S, however, offers …

An Audi RS7 Sportback in Misano Red parked in the middle of a road with a mountain backdrop

The Audi A7 Is A Better Family Car Than The Porsche Panamera

If you’ve ever seen an Audi A7 and a Porsche Panamera side-by-side you’ve probably noticed that they have some uncanny similarities. They are beautifully designed four-door sedans that make great options for a daily driver, but they are also surprisingly good options for family cars if you don’t want a crossover or an SUV. With …


Is the Audi A7 The Ultimate Daily Driver?

When it comes to daily driving a car, there is a lot you want out of it. You want space, practicality and sometimes you even want something a little sporty. The Audi A7 has all of this to offer and more, and the market for used ones can drop as low as $25,000 for ones …


Used Luxury Sedans You Can Afford

Maserati Ghibli The Maserati Ghibli is a relatively exotic looking luxury sedan that has all of the features of the Maserati sports cars, with more cargo space and seating. The Ghibli wears the company’s grille and Trident badge proudly. Like many other Maseratis, this car depreciates so quickly that they drop into an affordable price …