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A blue US-market 2008 Volkswagen R32 drives down a road

Bring a Trailer Bargain of the Week: 2008 Volkswagen Mk5 R32

Volkswagen only brought over 5000 examples of the Mk5 R32, but the AWD hot hatch is still a comfortable, refined, and practical performance car. And its VR6 engine remains a burbly icon to this day. Plus, as the 2008 R32 on Bring a Trailer demonstrates, it's more affordable than the Golf R or Mk4 model.
A silver 1998 Mercedes C43 AMG parked on a road

Cars & Bids Bargain of the Week: 1998 Mercedes C43 AMG

The first car that AMG modified after Mercedes purchased it was the W202, the first-gen C-Class. And in 1998, it released the first-ever V8-powered, factory-warranty AMG: the Mercedes C43 AMG. It's not as fast by modern standards, but a W202 C43 like the one on Cars & Bids is a durable, affordable luxury car.