side view of the wooden doors leading inside the lovely wooden camper conversion of a fiat ducato maxi van
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The Most Stunning Camper Van You’ve Ever Seen

Inside this woman’s Fiat Ducato Maxi there is a full-time home. Everything was thought out to the finest detail to fit her personality and her lifestyle. This is without a doubt one of the most stunning camper van conversions we’ve ever seen. It’s not just useful, it’s a pretty camper. Thanks to Jordan Osmond for …

A white Mustang's hood is covered in marker art
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Automotive Artist Profile: Pinstripe Chris

Back in the early 2010s I went to a Ford car show at the famous Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The location hosts many of the East Coast’s finest car shows. While there, I came across a marker car. That is a car, in this case, a Ford Mustang, that had been decorated in marker …

Red clay Honda car on the tip of a finger
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The Tiniest Hondas Are Made of Clay

If you love art and you love Hondas, you will love what this Japanese artist has created with clay. Known for sculpting tiny animals, Kakuho Fujii doesn’t stop at pets and woodland creatures when it comes to drawing inspiration for her pieces. It turns out that Kakuho Fujii drew some major inspiration from another Japanese …