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Modern Aquatic Amphibious Vehicles

If someone likes to be out on the water, at one point or another, they have likely thought, wouldn’t it be nice to drive the car into the water like a boat? Of course, the Amphicar was famous for actually having done it. The Amphicar is certainly noteworthy of its accomplishment. However, it is not …

1964 Amphicar side

The Amphicar Lets You Safely Drive in and Take a Swim

Amphibious cars and vehicles are usually the purviews of military organizations or eccentric one-offs. To be sure, there are some wheeled vehicles that can cross water. However, while the Sherp ATV can genuinely drive across a river, it costs $100,000 and isn’t street-legal. And while the Rokon Trail-Breaker and Ranger motorcycles can float, you can’t …