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The History of the First Jeep Truck Models is Incredible

So, the Jeep Gladiator wasn’t the first Jeep truck. But what model was? There is a long history of Jeep that goes back to 1940 when the Willys was tailored to Amry specifications when World War II was on the horizon. But that was for the SUV what about the first Jeep truck?  The history …
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Rusty Monday: Will These Wrecks Find New Lease On Life In 2021?

It’s the new year and things couldn’t get any worse than they were in 2020. For Rusty Monday, we wondered if some of these abandoned gems would find 2021 as the year they get discovered and restoration begins? Many of the Rusty Monday subjects are just too far gone to bring back. But will these …
Shopping For An AMC Gremlin
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This Former Dealership Is the Mother Lode of All Barn Finds

The Southeastern U.S. is a fascinating place for many reasons. One of the more fascinating things about it (for the purposes of this writing) is the amount of land that an individual can have without a burning desire to sell. In the South, land usually means stuff stored on that land, and by stuff, it …
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Rusty Monday: Cars Vs. Trees In Rustober

Never bet against trees when it’s cars vs. trees. Trees always win, as we will show you in these next few images as we celebrate Rustober. For some reason, it just seems like trees are attracted to cars like tornadoes are to trailer parks. They are so infinitely tied together that if a felled tree …
AMC Eagle with AMC President Bill Pickett ,1979

The AMC Eagle Is the Original Crossover Hipster-Mobile

The crossovers have taken over the auto industry. Every marque not only has multiple examples of this style car but sells them by the bucket-full. Larger carrying capacity, better fuel economy than a full-blown SUV, often AWD, and a smaller footprint, allow crossovers to drive more car-like than truck-like. Few people will argue the position …
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Rusty Monday: Muscle Cars Left To Rust Away

You wouldn’t expect to see muscle cars left to rust away. Yet, here we are with some of the scariest images of just that thing. Why? Who knows? There was a time when muscle cars were not popular; especially during the gas crisis of the mid- and late-1970s. And even the muscle cars that had …
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Worst Car Wednesday: AMC Alliance-Best To Worst In 12 Months

The 1983 AMC Alliance was so bad Motor Trend gave it the “Car of the Year” award. Then, Car and Driver gave it their “Best Top 10 Cars” award. Confused? Read on. When you talk to former AMC Alliance owners they’ll tell you about them being fun to drive, and how well they handled. Plus, …
1963 AMC Mighty Mite M422A1

The AMC Mighty Mite Is a Mini Cooper-Scaled Willys Jeep

The original Willys Jeep wasn’t just the forebear to a long line of Wranglers: it also inspired other off-road SUVs. Some, like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol, used that inspiration to start their own fanbases. Others, like Mitsubishi’s licensed CJ3, were basically Jeep clones—too much so, in the Mahindra Roxor’s case. But there’s …