2020 Subaru Ascent Limited in a snowy forest
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How Well Does Subaru’s X-Mode Work in the Snow?

Subaru vehicles are among the most popular cars in America mainly due to their capability and affordable pricing. Since most of the vehicles in Subaru’s lineup come standard with all-wheel-drive, many occasional off-road enthusiasts and snow-state dwellers gravitate toward the brand. But to make the all-wheel-drive system even better, the automaker incorporated a feature called …

A 2020 Subaru Forester drives through the snow.
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Which Subaru Model Is the Best in the Snow?

Driving in snow can be brutal depending on how inclement the weather is, but if you have the right car for the job, then it’s not that bad. That’s essentially what Subaru cars and SUVs are for, to get you through almost any type of terrain or winter weather you can throw them in. However, …

MINI Countryman crossover compact SUV on display at Brussels
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The 2019 Mini Countryman S All4 Is the Last Great Mini

Mini Coopers have been around forever. They are living, breathing legends that we get to watch adapt to our modern world right before our eyes. Although the Mini Countryman has gotten mixed reviews. The Countryman has gone through a few changes already in its short life and has had some trouble deciding exactly what it …

Dodge Challenger in warm colors like orange, yellow, and red
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Top 5 AWD Sports Cars in 2020

Most of the best sports cars on the market are all-wheel-drive (AWD) and for a good reason. AWD powertrains provide better traction when accelerating or driving on a slippery road. Sports cars like the Nissan GT-R and Audi A5 appeared and out dragged and out cornered the fastest rear-wheel drive (RWD) muscle cars. Since the beginning, manual transmissions, roaring engines, and …

Kalle Rovanpera of Finland and Jonne Halttunen of Finland compete with their Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT Toyota Yaris
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Is All-Wheel Drive Worth the Upgrade?

When we talk about cars or trucks, we always head straight for the Tim “The Toolman” Taylor grunts and want to know about power. Horsepower and torque reign supreme in the arena of “car specs people care most about,” but the driveline plays a massive role in how that power hits the road. How do …

2-door and 4-door 2021 Broncos
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The 2021 Ford Bronco Is at Home on the Range

The Old West. There is such a romantic nature to the idea of the wild frontier. The beautiful wide-open spaces, varied terrain, and freedom of the Wild West are dizzying. In fact, it’s probably these ideals that prompted the American Ford Motor Company to produce a vehicle called the Bronco in the first place. The …

2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
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Best Used All-Wheel-Drive Cars Under $10k

As someone who was born and raised in Florida — you know, where it never snows or gets cold in general — I never realized that all-wheel-drive cars and vehicles were for anything other than off-roading. My first all-wheel-drive vehicle was an Audi A7, and it was one of my favorite daily drivers of all …

A close-up shot of the front of a black Ram 1000

The Ram 1000 Could Be Our New Compact Ram Pickup

Ram does not currently have a mid-size or compact size pickup in its lineup. But, Ram does have a compact pickup available in other parts of the world. For example, the Ram 1000. So, could it become our new compact Ram pickup? The Ram Dakota Speculation in the automotive sphere has been that the off …

2020 Ford Explorer Platinum
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All-Wheel-Drive SUVs for Under $15,000

While some might argue that a good set of snow tires is all you need, all-wheel drive is a nice feature. Power to all four wheels can help give an SUV a more handy driving experience. Some buyers prioritize AWD in their vehicle purchase––and understandably so. But this type of SUV gets pricey. You’re typically …

the AWD insignia on the back of a black Pacifica minivan
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Do You Really Need All-Wheel Drive?

Whether you live in a snow state or not, the thought of buying an all-wheel-drive car may have crossed your mind. After all, driving with four wheels has to be better, and safer, than driving with two, right? Yes and no. Let’s go over the details on what all-wheel drive is and see if it …