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A parked car that was involved in an accident.

What to Do if You Hit a Parked Car

Hitting a parked car when parallel parking or at low speeds may seem innocuous, but it could lead to some hefty repercussions. Here is what to do if you hit a parked car.
Alleged drunk driver

Watch: Alleged DUI Driver Slams Into a Dozen Cars

You can’t not watch this series of accidents. Someone with a cellphone captured an allegedly drunk driver in a parking lot slamming into a dozen parked vehicles. This occurred in Oregon City, Oregon. He also damaged two stores before police were finally able to get him to stop.  What happened? This starts out with the …
A white vehicle involved in a car accident, crash, or collision with police in the background.

Are Collisions, Crashes, and Accidents the Same Thing?

You might think that there is no difference between vehicle collisions, crashes, and accidents. However, slightly different meanings of words can change things in a court of law. Although collisions and crashes are essentially the same thing, the word accident has another meaning.