A red-and-black 2020 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk on a muddy off-road trail
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The Ford Explorer Can’t Touch the Jeep Cherokee

The Ford Explorer tried to play ball with the Jeep Cherokee but had a swing and a miss. Despite getting a hot new look, the Explorer failed to outsell the 2020 Jeep Cherokee. Let’s check out what advantages the Cherokee has.  The 2020 Ford Explorer vs. the 2020 Jeep Cherokee  According to Car and Driver, …

2021 Jeep® Cherokee Limited driving down a sunlit roadway
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3 Reasons to Pass on the 2021 Jeep Cherokee

The 2021 Jeep Cherokee is an excellent SUV option. It is a Jeep, after all. However, there are a few drawbacks to consider when shopping for the best SUV. Check out three reasons to avoid the Jeep Cherokee for other options.  Three reasons to avoid the 2021 Jeep Cherokee First of all, we will cover …

2021 Jeep® Cherokee Limited driving down a sunlit roadway
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The 2021 Jeep Cherokee Disappointed in Road Tests

If you’re on the hunt for a capable SUV, you might have the 2021 Jeep Cherokee somewhere on your list of vehicles to check out. But not so fast. Because, as it turns out, the 2021 Jeep Cherokee didn’t do so hot in road tests.  What engine does the 2021 Jeep Cherokee come with? Standard …

A red 2021 Mazda CX-5 driving down a highway road
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These Alternatives to the 2021 Mazda CX-5 Should Be On Your Radar

There’s no denying that the 2021 Mazda CX-5 is one of the best vehicles available on the market today. It’s affordable, stylish, and stocked to the brim with great features. But does that mean it’s the best option for you? Not necessarily. That’s why, before finalizing your purchase, you might want to consider these alternatives …

A silver 2021 Toyota Highlander parked between two trees
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Is the Toyota Grand Highlander Copying Jeep?

The Toyota Grand Highlander is on the way. This will be a grand version of the Toyota Highlander, but where else have we heard ‘Grand’ before? If you said in front of the Cherokee, then you answered this question correctly. This leads us to the next question. Is Toyota copying the Jeep Grand Cherokee L?  …

Jeep Cherokee luxury SUV on display at Brussels Expo
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The 2020 Jeep Cherokee Already Has Some Concerning Engine Issues

The 2020 Jeep Cherokee didn’t receive many changes due to the upgrades received in the previous year’s model. The reputation of the Jeep brand seemed to be enough to stay competitive with other compact crossovers in its class. With decent towing capabilities, the Cherokee appeared to be a solid choice for off road enthusiasts.  Unfortunately, many owners …

The 2021 Dodge Durango features new aggressive exterior styling, new interior with driver-centric cockpit, new R/T AWD Tow N Go (center) and 710-horsepower SRT Hellcat (left and right).
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The Dodge Durango Could Be Discontinued For New Jeep Models

There are good rumors and bad rumors. For example, rumors about the new three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee are exciting, but rumors about the Dodge Durango being discontinued are sad. But the Dodge Durango could be on its way out to make room for upcoming Jeep models.  Is the Dodge Durango being discontinued? Maybe. It’s just …

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Watch This Jeep Cherokee XJ Get Washed for the First Time in a Decade

There’s nothing quite like finding the vehicle that all your dreams are made of. For this particular automotive writer, that meant finally finding a two-door Jeep Cherokee XJ. Unfortunately for said automotive writer, the Jeep Cherokee XJ of his dreams was pretty grimy. Finding the perfect Jeep Cherokee XJ There’s nothing quite like finding your …

The 2020 Ford Escape driving down a city street

Most Unreliable 2021 Compact SUVs According to Consumer Reports

Shopping for a new compact SUV for the 2021 model year is especially exciting because so many models have stellar reviews. The best small SUVs of the year have a few things in common such as modern tech and dependability. Of course, there are some you should probably avoid. We’ve gathered a list of the most unreliable …

2021 Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk in the sand
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3 Reasons to Pass on the 2021 Jeep Cherokee

While the 2021 Jeep Cherokee did receive a few upgrades from the previous model year, it still isn’t up to par. Rivals seem to be outperforming the Jeep Cherokee in terms of value and practicality for families.  Is the 2021 Jeep Cherokee a good SUV?  Yes, the 2021 Jeep Cherokee is an excellent SUV in …

2020 Jeep Cherokee
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3 Reasons You Gotta Pass On the 2020 Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee has been knockin down back roads for a long time. They have always been crude, boxy, and rough all over since day one. That isn’t to say that the Cherokee isn’t dearly loved by Jeepsters; in fact, the opposite true. The Cherokee has been an off-road icon for decades. The 2020 Jeep …

2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

Roasts On the 2019 Jeep Cherokee Didn’t Stop People From Buying It

Critics weren’t very impressed by the 2019 Jeep Cherokee. The 2019 Cherokee ranked in the lower half of the compact SUV class because of its sheepish engine and lack of agility. On top of this, the Cherokee earned poor predicted reliability ratings. Low marks didn’t stop people from buying this 2019 model, though.  2019 Jeep Cherokee problems The …

1997 Jeep Cherokee Police Group 4x4
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The Worst Jeep Cherokee XJ Models You Should Never Buy

Have you been noticing Jeep Cherokee XJ models popping up around your city? These classic Jeep models are really starting to rise in popularity. But don’t buy a used Jeep Cherokee just because the square body looks cool. Do your homework to learn which models need to be avoided.  The Used Jeep Cherokee XJ models …

2020 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon EcoDiesel climbing rocks
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The Jeep Academy Helps You Conquer the Wild

Are you ready to go off-roading in your Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, Renegade, etc.? If you said no, that’s perfectly fine because there is a new Jeep Academy to help you quickly learn how to adventure. Check out what the Jeep Adventure Academy will teach you.  What is the Jeep Adventure Academy?  The Jeep Adventure Academy …

2019 Jeep Compass Limited

What’s the Cheapest Jeep?

The Jeep lineup is jam-packed with versatile, adventure-ready vehicles. In 2020, Jeeps are still among the most capable off-roaders and are good on technology too. These vehicles can get pretty pricey, but here are the most affordable Jeeps to purchase in 2020. 2020 Jeep Compass  Starting price: $22,280 You can think of the Compass as the entry-level Jeep. The Compass is …

2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk off-road.

3 Reasons To Pick the Jeep Cherokee Over the Subaru Forester

There are many family-friendly SUVs out there, but very few are skillful enough to handle adventures. Fortunately, though, we have the 2020 Jeep Cherokee and the 2020 Subaru Forester to fill the void. Both models have their strong suits, but there are a few reasons why you might want to pick the Cherokee over the Forester. The Jeep Cherokee is …

2020 Subaru Forester Limited driving down a gravel road in the woods

How Does the Jeep Cherokee Compare to the Subaru Forester?

Those interested in a comfortable everyday SUV capable of rugged adventures might find themselves stuck between the 2020 Jeep Cherokee and the 2020 Subaru Forester. Both the Cherokee and the Forester are enjoyable SUVs with their own unique style. But how would you choose between the two? Driving the Jeep Cherokee vs. the Subaru Forester  Neither the Cherokee …

Under the hood of a black 2020 Grand Cherokee Trackhawk on display at the 112th Annual Chicago Auto Show
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This Tigershark Engine Lawsuit Will Affect Countless Drivers

Attention Michigan residents: if you bought or leased any vehicle with a Tigershark engine, a lawsuit has been filed. Allegedly, Chrysler equipped several models with a defective Tigershark engine. According to CarComplaints they filed on August 9, 2020. The Chrysler lawsuit is for defective engines. Apparently, 2.4L Tigershark MultiAir 4-cylinder engines burn excessive amounts of …

1997 Jeep Cherokee parked in grass
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A Jeep Cherokee Rescued A Stuck Chevy Silverado

In 2019, a Chevy Silverado was stuck on the side of a mountain. It continued to slide down off the path for a few months. A few rescue attempts were made, until a Jeep Cherokee decided it was time to save the day.  A Jeep Cherokee rescues a Chevy Silverado After receiving a call that …

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk parked near mountains
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This Used Jeep Grand Cherokee Model is a Money Pit

When you’re in the market for a used Jeep Grand Cherokee, be sure to avoid the model years with the most problems. One of the worst used Grand Jeep Cherokees you can buy is from 2014. The 2014 Grand Jeep Cherokee has reports of frustrating issues that quickly turns this SUV into a money pit.  …

1967 Ford Bronco
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These Classic SUVs Have Bronco Style Without the Price Tag

Even before Ford introduced the remake, the Bronco’s popularity has been on the rise. Even amongst other classic SUVs, Ford Bronco values are particularly high. And that’s before restomod companies like Zero Labs or Gateway Broncos get to them. However, if you’re after the old-school styling and off-road capabilities, there are a few Bronco alternatives. …

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk parked near mountains
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Is The Grand Jeep Cherokee Really An Upgrade?

The Grand Jeep Cherokee is supposed to be a Grand version of the regular Jeep Cherokee. But does it have enough Grand features to make it worth the extra cost? Let’s see how the Grand Jeep Cherokee is different from the Cherokee to determine which Jeep is worth it.  The Grand Jeep Cherokee VS. The …

A 2019 Jeep Cherokee on display at an auto show
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What You Need To Know About The 2019 Jeep Cherokee

You would save a little with the 2019 Jeep Cherokee instead of going for the 2020 model. But you shouldn’t take that risk. If you want a used option, consider the 2018 Jeep Cherokee instead because the 2019 model has been plagued with issues.  2019 Jeep Cherokee Problems  The Look Isn’t Very Attractive  The 2019 …