2020 Toyota 86 Hakone Edition side

The Toyota 86 Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Although the Mazda Miata is often the go-to affordable sports car, there are other options. Most notably, the Subaru BRZ and its cross-town cousin, the Toyota 86. Taking its name from a beloved performance icon (and Initial D star), the 86 was Toyota’s sole sports car until the Supra returned. But despite the Supra’s speed, …


Should you buy the Toyota 86 Hakone Edition?

Special-edition Toyotas are nothing new. When the Scion brand was around, there was a special edition every year for every one of those cars. Remember the Scion FR-S limited-edition Release Series cars? Well, the Toyota 86 Hakone Edition is the same thing, but it’s just a little more special. What’s so special about it? First …