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A head-in view of a 2021 Maserati Ghibli in a dimly lit room.

These Cars Have the Worst Depreciation in 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a great deal on a used car, it can almost make sense on paper to buy something that’s been hit hard by depreciation. At least until you get stuck with the first repair bill. If you plan to buy new, though, that depreciation comes right out of your pocket …
2020 BMW 7 series on a road

The Standard 2021 BMW 7 Series Is More Comfortable Than Ever

The BMW 7 Series provides ultra-luxury in a sedan that impresses with a steady ride, smooth powertrain, and ultimate handling abilities. In direct competition with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the BMW is always improving upon its features to provide the best in quality, luxury, and appearance. The interior of the new 2020 BMW 7 Series pays close attention to …