Close-up of the BMW logo on the hood of a car
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A Good BMW Doesn’t Have to Cost You a Lot of Money

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things—especially how and where we spend our money. Among one of the industries most heavily hit by months of quarantine and economic upheaval is the auto sales industry. According to Car and Driver, new vehicle sales fell a little over 34 percent in the second quarter. Fleet vehicle sales …

the BMW 3 series sedan and wagon parked on pavement with a scenic mountainous background
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The Most Complained About BMW Cars

Known for luxury and performance, this is a favorite brand for consumers looking outside of the mainstream market. A quick look at the BMW cars overview on shows us that this brand isn’t complained about very much. In general, people are happy with their BMW models. Still, there are some issues and these are …

A blue 2021 BMW M2 CS taking a tight track corner
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Why Is Owning a BMW So Tempting?

When it comes to shopping for a luxury car, most prospective buyers will likely shop between the three main German rivals: Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. While Audi and Mercedes are great brands and produce excellent products, BMW seemingly stands out in almost everyone’s minds as a “must-have.” But why? BMWs are known to have high …