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The Trunk Road Gritter Tracker is going viral, and all the talk on the internet right now. And if you haven’t heard about it yet, you’re in for a treat. In Scotland, officials operate a website that tracks the various snowplows around the regions. And this makes sense since Scotland gets a good amount of snow every year. 

But residents tune into this radar-like tracker for reasons beyond just knowing which roads have been officially cleared. The snowplows in Scotland have names to identify each vehicle and distinguish between the crews. But these names aren’t just city or number-based like you might see here in the states. The “gritters,” as the Scots call their beloved snowplows, have some pretty hilarious titles, rooted in witty puns that the locals find giggle-worthy.

A few of the funniest names on the list

Many of the Scottish snowplow rigs have names that play on the locals’ everyday term for them — “gritters.” You’ll likely giggle at “Gritney Spears” or “Gritter Thunberg,” for example.

Motor Trend also loved “For Your Ice Only,” “Gritallica,” “Gangsta Granny Gritter,” and “License to Chill.” Even the children of Scotland can identify with “BFG Big Friendly Gritter” and “Luke Snowalker.” The pun force is strong in Scotland, and the internet is loving the classic Dad-joke-like sentiments.

Northern climates take snowplowing seriously

Much like NORAD tracks the movements of Santa Clause here in the U.S., the Trunk Road Gritter Tracker in Scotland is a winter staple. In northernmost climates, where snow and ice are frequent throughout the winter months, knowing when and which roads have been cleared is a serious concern.

Scotland, depending on the region, can see 35 to 105 days of snow each year, according to The “gritter” drivers of Scotland are considered an essential team of heroes, like Santa Claus himself. And tracking the movements of this merry band of snowplow captains is serious business.

An opportunity to get creative with a tough job

Removing snow can be a tough and rigorous job that calls for intense working hours for those who drive. But these Scottish drivers found an opportunity to get creative and have a little fun. Naming “gritters” started back in 2006 when school children were asked to submit nicknames for them, according to CNET.

The online tracker launched officially in 2016, and the likes of “Snowball,” “Sir Grits-A-Lot,” and “Spready Mercury” were born. And these aren’t just digital nicknames on the web. They put these names right on the rigs themselves.

What would you name your snowplow?

You may not be interested in moving to Scotland yourself to apply for a snowplow job. But it could be fun to imagine your turn at the helm and a chance to come up with a pun-riddled name for your “gritter.”

The full list of names this year and for years past might be worth a look and could inspire you to come up with your own. Titles like “True Gritter,” “Sprinklebell,” and “Gritty Gritty Bang Bang” prove just how creative the Scotland locals can get with their snowplow names.

While American children hop online to track the movements of their favorite reindeer and the big man in red, the children of Scotland get online to follow their favorite “gritter.” It’s a creative way to turn a serious and intense job into a community event with support and pun-filled giggles during the winter months.

Tag yourself on this list of hilarious names and tell us which is your favorite. Or maybe even share a “gritter” name you’ve come up with on your own.


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