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The Toyota Tacoma is a legendary little truck with a massive fan base. Some love it for its utilitarian urban appeal. Others admire the Taco’s historic durability. But many know and love this midsize Toyota pickup truck specifically for its off-pavement capability.

The rear of a Toyota Tacoma truck | Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It’s one of the most popular trucks to build out for overland adventure. There are plenty of Tacoma campers out there. Plus, countless modified overland Toyota Tacoma pickup truck builds.

You may have caught drift of the SEMA concept revealed online in November 2020. In fact, we already reported on Toyota’s remotely revealed concepts. But this overland truck designed and built by a team the 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine created deserves to be revisited. Here is the epic overland Toyota Tacoma build.

4WD Toyota Owner Magazine’s Overland Tacoma build

2020 Toyota Tacoma SEMA concept | Toyota USA

Toyota sponsored the video below. It shares all the glorious overlanding details of this specialized Toyota Tacoma. There’s definitely no shortage of mind-blowing custom Tacos. But this one is simple, with high-quality accessories and upgrades.

In the video, David Zartman of 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine and Media gives viewers a detailed overview of the entire creation. To start with, the team built the ultimate overland build over a 2020 TRD Pro Taco. That means some added off-road extras straight from the factory. For example, features like a Fox suspension and locking rear differential.

Additional off-road features

In addition to the baked in off-road specs the 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro provides, the 4WD Taco build brings with it some enviable aftermarket off-road accessories. Some of the highlights include integrated Yakima racks and an over-the-bed Yakima SkyLine tent. There are also CBI Off-Road bumpers, sliders, and armor added all the way around.

There’s also a CBI skid plate, presumably offering even more protection than the stock TRD skidder. Because Toyota has an ongoing relationship with Rigid Industries, it wasn’t hard procuring a 40-inch roof rack light bar and 20-inch bumper light bar installation. In fact, they go perfectly with the Rigid lights that come stock on the TRD Pro model from the factory.

There’s a long list of added features; we’ve posted the official fact sheet below. The custom overland Taco also got a locking cargo bed cover from Truck Covers USA. All this and more rides on BF Goodrich KM3 mud terrain tires.

Endless adventure in an overlanding pickup truck

The fact sheet for the w4d toyota owner SEMA concept tacoma overland truck
Toyota Tacoma overland build fact sheet | Toyota USA

There are certainly folks out there who live the RV lifestyle. In fact, these same people tow an off-road vehicle like a Jeep Wrangler or some ATVs (or both) behind their rig. For other adventurers, it makes more sense to create an overland rig that fits over an off-road-ready base like the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

That’s where customized Toyota Tacoma overlanders like the 4WD Toyota Owners creation come in. Zartman says that the design is “not just about banging through rocks, it’s about the destination.” This overland Taco build represents the kind of freedom only off-grid living can provide.


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