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From buyers shopping for a brand new Taco to the ones that are on the lookout for a used Toyota Tacoma, everyone needs insurance for their truck. That Toyota Tacoma for sale that you’ve been eyeing is going to cost some hard-earned money. But is Tacoma insurance expensive too? 

A green 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, in a parking lot
2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Mecum

The average cost to insure a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck isn’t outrageous. However, it’s a little more complicated than saying that every Taco is going to cost relatively the same amount per year to insure. According to Bankrate, Toyota Tacoma insurance is actually a bit cheaper on average than yearly car insurance in general. 

How much is insurance for a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck? 

A dusty 2018 Toyota Tacoma flies up a dirt trail
2018 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

Bankrate reports that, on average, it costs drivers $1,539 per year to insure a Tacoma. So, Toyota Tacoma insurance isn’t wildly expensive. However, it can vary quite a bit. 

Depending on what Bankrate calls “nuances,” the cost of insurance for trucks is different from person to person. The differences that affect Toyota Tacoma insurance prices are the same things that affect average insurance pricing for other models too. These include variables like the age of a driver and where they live. 

In addition, there are other factors that come into play like an individual’s credit history and driving record. Then there are other, more vehicle-related elements such as the crash ratings or which safety features a model has. The average cost of parts and repairs also influences the final quote for yearly truck insurance costs

Even down to the specific zip code, insurance companies look at almost every detail in order to calculate truck insurance costs. Depending on how far away people live from plants, dealerships, and repair mechanics, rates can increase or decrease. Overall, more goes into the cost of insuring that new Toyota Tacoma than one might think. 

Is truck insurance expensive? 

An orange Chevy Colorado pickup truck driving in the city
2021 Chevrolet Colorado | Chevrolet

According to The Zebra, insurance for trucks is the second cheapest on average compared with other vehicle classes. The Zebra reports that the average insurance cost for a pickup truck in the U.S. for a full coverage yearly premium is $1,731. The cheapest pickup truck to insure is the Chevy Colorado.

The 2020 Chevy Colorado shows an average full coverage yearly cost of $1,113. A 2020 Toyota Tacoma costs an average of about $1,163, or $50 more per year than the Chevy Colorado. On average, the Taco is less costly to insure than a number of other pickup trucks. 

Is full coverage worth it? 

a 2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition on a dusty mountain trail kicking up dirt
2022 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota Newsroom

Usually, if you finance a vehicle, full coverage insurance is part of the deal. But what if you pay cash, or finance through other more unconventional means? While full coverage Toyota Tacoma insurance does cost significantly more, it’s probably worth it to protect the investment. 

Bankrate shows that the average minimum coverage cost for a Taco pickup truck is $486. The average for full coverage is $1,539. That’s a pretty large difference, but, in my experience, the way that full coverage ponies up when you actually have an accident is well worth the yearly premium.

Buying Toyota Tacoma insurance

One thing is certain. Buying a new or used Toyota Tacoma model means you’ll have to buy insurance for it too. Toyota Tacoma insurance isn’t the most expensive cost to insure a truck out there.  

However, it does vary depending upon several important factors. Both driver and vehicle related considerations come into play. When it comes to buying Toyota Tacoma insurance, it’s important to do plenty of research and compare quotes from several insurance companies.


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