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Let’s face it. These two trucks are so different that it doesn’t seem like Ford even meant to compete directly with the Taco with its 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup truck. Still, it’s a small truck that undoubtedly some former Tacoma buyers might end up considering instead. Should the Toyota Tacoma worry about the 2022 Ford Maverick? 

front grille and quarter view of the 2022 Toyota Tacoma try pro in the mountains
2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Toyota Newsroom

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma

For 2022, the Toyota Tacoma remains largely the same midsize pickup truck it has been throughout its current generation. There is a new Trail Edition 4×4 Tacoma coming for the 2022 model year. Plus, TRD Pro colors and updates recently went public in the Toyota Newsroom. 

But it’s definitely a Tacoma in the tail end of its generation. The 2022 Toyota Tacoma will be released in the same model year as the Tundra rolls out its all-new generation. So there’s a new Toyota Tacoma generation on the horizon–– likely for 2023 or 2024. 

Good chance the 2022 Taco isn’t all that worried

a blue 2022 ford maverick with bikes and a surf board in the bed
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

Due to the fact that there is an entirely new Tacoma coming up in the next few years, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma might not be worried at all. In fact, we have no idea what’s in store for Toyota’s all-new Tacoma pickup truck. 

While we doubt that it will be a unibody compact truck akin to Ford’s new Maverick, it could offer a range of new features, configurations, and more competitive powertrain options. Plus, like all the beloved Taco models before it, the next Toyota Tacoma generation is sure to come out with plenty of style. 

2022 Toyota Tacoma vs. 2022 Ford Maverick 

an orange ford maverick compact pickup truck parked outside of a house
The 2022 Ford Maverick 2L-EcoBoost AWD | Ford Media

Overall, this isn’t an apples to apples comparison. The 2022 Toyota Tacoma is a body-on-frame rock crawler with aggressive “outdoorsy” styling. It gets less than half of the Maverick’s 40 mpg in the city with its V6 powertrain, and just barely half of that with a 2WD 4-cylinder engine

On the other hand, the Ford Maverick features a smaller footprint. However, it can actually fit 18 4’x8’ pieces of 3/4-inch plywood inside its bed according to MotorTrend. Its standard hybrid engine harkens to its city truck identity and is a far cry from what we see under the hood of the Taco. 

One of these trucks (Toyota Tacoma) is in the midsize pickup truck segment. The other is a true compact pickup truck. That said, it’s possible that Maverick shoppers may at one point have looked into buying a Tacoma, but turn to the 2022 Ford Maverick instead for its versatile urban identity. 

Is the Taco worried about the 2022 Ford Maverick? 

The 2021 Toyota Tacoma going off-roading, the Tacoma TRD Pro is one of the best new off-road pickups according to Edmunds
2021 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

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The trusty Taco may be a bit worried, but it has also been the top-selling small truck in the U.S. for the better part of two decades. It’s going to take a lot for any small truck to defeat the Tacoma in terms of sheer sales volume. 

Still, the 2022 Ford Maverick is here to disrupt the small pickup truck market. It’s anyone’s game at this point with new models releasing year over year. Older trucks are being perfected as brand new models debut. 

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma might be worried. But that bright neon green TRD Pro color makes it easy for the Taco to appear confident. It’s most likely that instead of the Tacoma feeling worried, it’s ready for a head-to-head race off-road against the 2022 Ford Maverick to prove that it’s still the top-dog on its own turf.