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The beloved Taco has a legion of starry-eyed fans. In fact, there are even some who can afford virtually any car they want that still drive a trusty old Toyota truck. While it’s difficult determining exactly what goes on in the private lives of Hollywood stars, a few sources show photos of Kristen Stewart driving both a first-gen Toyota Tacoma and and even harder-core throwback: the Toyota T100. 

Kristen Stewart walking in LA with sunglasses on
Kristen Stewart | BG015/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

What car does Kristen Stewart drive? 

Kristen Stewart in glass and a backwards cap stepping out of a red Toyota Tacoma
Kristen Stewart leaving a Toyota Tacoma | via The Things

According to The Things Kristen Stewart is one of a few Hollywood names that drives a Toyota. And in the photo there, she is seen beside a red first-gen Toyota Tacoma. It’s complete with the throwback “4WD” mud flaps and the post-redesign body style. 

While it’s no $100,000 Porsche Cayenne (which Vanity Fair reports Stewart also drives) it does appear in the photo to be in pristine condition. Considering the way a Taco holds its value, we can guess that this truck wasn’t cheap. It likely cost significantly less than others in her collection. 

Still, Kristen Stewart easily paid over $25 grand for a throwback Toyota truck like this one. In fact, if you check out the listings on first-generation Tacos over 20 years old regularly sell at this price point. It pays to be a truck with such a fan following. 

Stewart also drives a Toyota T100

a blue single cab Toyota T100 with Kristen Stewart in the drivers seat
Kristen Stewart driving a T100 | via The Things

The Toyota T100 is what hipster truck dreams are made of. It’s the Tacoma before the Tacoma actually existed. The Toyota T100 is a Tacoma predecessor. Although in its day it was seen as a bit of a market failure, the T100 paved the way for the Toyota trucks in today’s lineup.

The Things shows another picture of the Twilight and Charlie’s Angles actor driving a light blue Toyota T100. The write-up calls it “perhaps the most incognito truck of any Hollywood star.” This truck tends to sell for about $10,000 and it’s probably one of the coolest beaters to have in your collection. 

The single cab blue Toyota truck is retro in so many good ways. From the paint job to the single cab, to the smell of the interior we can almost imagine. This truck somehow seems to suit Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart’s car collection

2019 BMW X5 | BMW

It’s difficult to know for sure what models are actually in a celebrity’s car collection. With that much money, it’s easy to change things up pretty often. So it’s hard to keep up with who owns what when. 

That said, we do know that Kristen Stewart has also been seen driving other cars like the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Mini Cooper S. In addition, there are others in her fleet that the paparazzi has caught her getting into after a flight. Of course, these are SUVs such as the BMW X5 and the Chevrolet Suburban. 

A (not so) secret Toyota Tacoma fan

2001 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota USA