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Doug DeMuro posted on Twitter about a Toyota Tacoma overland camper build that’s currently for sale on Cars and Bids. DeMuro calls it “prettttty much the coolest Toyota Tacoma ever,” so naturally our interest is piqued. What makes this Toyota Tacoma so cool? 

a silver 2007 used Toyota Tacoma driving off-road on a rocky trail
Second Generation Toyota Tacoma | Toyota Newsroom

This overland build is a Taco camper that will have you dreaming of adventure. It’s a second generation 2007 used Toyota Tacoma with low mileage. Plus, the rig is fully modified for ultimate overland capability.

The ‘Coolest Toyota Tacoma Ever’ is a 2007 Taco with only 36,500 miles on the V6 engine

As of this writing, there are three days left to buy this Taco at this Cars and Bids auction. There are already seven bids and the price is up to $20,000. But is it worth it? Yeah, probably. 

The 2007 Toyota Tacoma is a 6-speed manual transmission pickup truck with a V6 engine. Plus, it’s been modified all-around for overland adventure. It’s basically the Taco of dreams. This thing takes Toyota’s slogan “built for the endless weekend” to a whole new level. 

Essentially, considering the camper set up and overland mods, this used Toyota Tacoma could not only be your next daily driver––it could be your next home. Who needs brick and mortar when they can have a second-gen Taco camper conversion? Even if you don’t want to give up your patch of land or the home on it, this Toyota Tacoma camper will still look sweet in your driveway. 

What makes this Taco camper so special? 

According to Doug DeMuro, the “modifications to this Tacoma are incredibly useful, and they greatly enhance this truck’s appeal.” But what are the mods? Well first off, there’s upgraded air suspension to handle the extra weight of the build and your off-grid gear. There’s a popup camper and a kitchen that will make it easy to curate full-blown wilderness experiences with your friends, family, or even solo. 

There’s also an “accident-free Carfax report” that “shows this truck has been in California since 2009–and it has just 36,500 miles, which is an insanely low figure for one of these.” DeMuro also points out the appeal of combining four-wheel drive with V6 power and a manual six-speed. 

This overland Taco is the stuff of the true Taco fan’s dreams. It’s ready for virtually anything in terms of camping, off-roading, overlanding, and just going off the grid in any form. If you like disappearing any time you feel like it, this truck could certainly accommodate that. 

A used Toyota Tacoma that still has hundreds of thousands of miles left to give

access cab used Toyota Tacoma from 2007 in a bright red color parked off-road near a lake with mountains
Second Generation Toyota Tacoma | Toyota Newsroom

The Best Toyota Tacoma Model Years for Used Truck Shoppers

Legendary longevity lends a certain air of fame to these trucks. Especially with the older versions of this off-road ready pickup, the Toyota Tacoma is known for lasting a long time. Its well reputed reliability and a history of fantastic resale value both add to the big picture. 

This truck only having 36,500 miles on it is nearly unheard of for a second-generation used Toyota Tacoma. It literally has hundreds of thousands of miles left on the odometer. Most consider even a Taco with 100,000 or even 200,000 miles to have a decent amount of life left in it. 

But this one is practically brand new. From the Emu Dakar leaf springs, ARB front and rear air lockers, a 17-gallon auxiliary fuel tank, to a winch, an Airtop roof-mounted tent, and an ARB fridge on a sliding rack, this used Toyota Tacoma is pretty much one of a kind and ready to take you anywhere. Interested in adding it to your fleet? Check out photos and more on Cars and Bids