The SylvanSport Go Is an Incredibly Versatile and Affordable Pop-up Camper

As fun as camper life can be, many of the most popular models can get pricey. Size and weight are also factors that might make RV living more difficult. It’s hard to get adjusted to driving a bulky motorhome, or your vehicle might not be strong enough to tow a trailer. But if you don’t mind foregoing some amenities, there’s a cheaper option. The SylvanSport Go is a lightweight pop-up camper that’s basically a camper with a big tent attached.

Camper Report ranks it the number-one pop-up camper on its “5 Best Pop Up Campers Under $15,000” list. In fact, you can buy a new one for less than $10,000.

The SylvanSport Go at a glance

The SylvanSport Go’s main attraction is its waterproof nylon tent, measuring over six feet tall, 80 inches long, and 116 inches wide, SylvanSport‘s product page shows. The Go’s tent is reportedly three times stronger than a regular tent, providing better insulation and protection from moisture. It also has great ventilation thanks to the big three-way windows and doors.

Above the tent compartment is the equipment rack, which can carry up to 165 pounds of gear. Though you could store bikes and canoes on your car’s roof, it’s easier with the Go’s low, 53-inch loading height. For anything you can’t fit up top, stow it in the gear deck below.

The gear deck can haul up to 980 pounds and measures four feet wide. If you use the hand crank, you make the gear deck up to 84 inches deep, enough for a small ATV. The diamond plate deck is made from reinforced aluminum, so it’s lightweight and scratch-resistant.

SylvanSport claims this trailer will last a lifetime thanks to its expertly welded aluminum. A storage box to carry any extra small items is located at the front of this pop-up camper. Each Go also boasts a powder coating so that you won’t get raw aluminum on your hands.

Inside the SylvanSport Go


A Simple App Provides RVers Everything They Could Ever Want

The SylvanSport Go’s tent looks unassuming on the outside, but it’s easy to make use of all the available interior space. It can fit up to two extra-large twin beds or one king-plus bed. Because the tent is elevated, you’ll also get a better night’s rest than you would on the hard earth. Though it comes with four sleeping pads, it doesn’t include mattresses.

You can also situate dining room table panels between the twin beds, accommodating four adult diners. The windows also have screens, and privacy covers keep out unwanted attention or insects. Sure, it might not have a working kitchen or shower, but the Go’s tent is still versatile.

Even a sedan should have no problem towing the 840-pound SylvanSport Go. Its lightweight construction means you’ll get better gas mileage while towing, and the trailer itself rides smoothly. Instead of using a standard leaf-spring suspension, the Go has aluminum wheels and a Dexter torsion axle.

Affordable optional packages

The standard SylvanSport Go camper retails for only $9,995. It also offers a “Big” package for just $1,000 more. That includes a couple of air mattresses and a tent awning. It also provides cargo nets and a hanging organizer to make in-tent storage easier.

The “All-out” package comes with everything in the Big upgrade plus a decent-sized camp kitchen. And included solar panels let you charge electronic devices without standard power outlets. 

An extra, smaller tent is also included and connected to the main tent with a breezeway connector. Even with every available option, the SylvanSport Go still only totals $12,995, making it the best bang for your buck.