Swivel Seat-Equipped Mercedes Sprinter Vans Could Have a Dangerous Problem

One of the most common RV conversion vehicles out there is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. Its enormous cargo space makes it popular with adventurers wanting to travel America by road. The Mercedes Sprinter vans, however, haven’t been the pristine vehicle you’d like to believe they are. Recall after recall has plagued it, especially the 2019 model. They just announced a new recall that pertains to a pretty serious problem. CarComplaints.com explains what it’s all about. 

What is the dangerous problem recently found on these vans?

Daimler vans recently recalled about 11,000 vans from the 2019 model year of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Freightliner Sprinter equipped with the swivel seats. A huge problem came to the automaker’s attention that could ultimately cause some serious injuries if it’s not resolved. 

The wiring harness for the front seats may have been improperly installed in the van. As a result of this, the harness could get damaged, torn, or jammed into the framing of the swivel seats. If this occurs, the side seat airbags could either deploy for no apparent reason. It’s also possible that it may not be activated when a side crash occurs, which could cause serious injuries. 

Starting July 17th, 2020, Mercedes-Benz dealerships will evaluate affected vans to determine the state of the wiring harness. If issues arise, they will remedy the situation immediately, which might include adding clips and cable ties to keep the harness stable with no chance of getting caught in the seat. 

One indication of this problem occurring is a dashboard airbag warning light coming on. If it comes on and stays on, it won’t return to normal until the problem is fixed. 

Other recalls on the Sprinter vans since 2018

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This recent recall isn’t the only one the Sprinter vans have had. In fact, in the last two years, there have been approximately 23 other recalls made public. 

Some involved missing labels or the wrong labels placed on the tires of some of the vans. There was even one related to an owner’s manual that had missing information concerning the automatic parking functions. 

Still, there were other recalls more serious. These vans were plagued with brake fluid and even diesel fuel leaks, both of which could cause serious injuries or even fire. Another recall dealt with the leakage of hot exhaust gases that also cause a fire, resulting in serious injuries. 

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans also experienced a few different problems with their airbags, loose hoods, door locks, fog lights, and even some headlight issues. 

On the one hand, it’s nice to see Mercedes-Benz stepping up to the plate to handle these problems in a timely manner. On the other, there are a lot of issues popping up. It makes you wonder what happened in the production line to cause so many problems. 

Overview of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van model

Mercedes-Benz offers several variations of the cargo as well as the passenger vans. You can pick and choose which trims and added packages you want to get the van you need for your adventure into the van life

These vans come standard with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine running at 188 hp. Combined with it is a nine-speed automatic transmission. While not great for most of the jobs we use these vans for, it is a good choice if you’re using it for light-duty work. For heavier jobs, you can choose a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 diesel motor, which is paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission. 

The base model price runs around $35,000 and the highest trim goes for $50,000. There are several packages to order to get the features you really want, but they do come at a cost. For $700 more, you can add a parking package that gets you the 360-degree camera.

Or, you could spend $1,200 more and get either the Premium package with brake assist or the driver’s convenience package that gets you things like a blind spot assist. 

These Sprinter vans have seen their fair share of problems, as evidenced by all the recalls put out about them in the last two years. We hope the 2020 model has rectified all those problems, and those partaking in the van life can travel without worry.