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When you hear the Toyota brand name mentioned, it’s almost a gut reaction to say the vehicles wearing this badge are reliable. For many years we’ve been told that Toyota makes some of the most reliable models in the market and that the Tacoma truck is as reliable as they come. While some older models certainly reached the heights desired in this category, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma might have you swindled.

Where does the 2022 Toyota Tacoma rank for reliability?

Is the 2022 Toyota Tacoma the most reliable truck you can drive?
2022 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

When Consumer Reports publishes information, we listen. Why shouldn’t we? This organization has steered many consumers in the right direction for a long time. Can you believe the Tacoma pickup is rated only average for reliability by Consumer Reports? Not only that, but this truck is also only sixth out of nine in the overall rankings. Does that sound like the right pickup for you to drive?

Taking things just a step farther, the average reliability score translates to only an average predicted owner satisfaction score as well. So far, things aren’t looking good for the Tacoma. Let’s see what another expert opinion offers.

Can another expert help out with this Toyota truck?

A midsize Toyota Tacoma pickup truck drives along a dirt, mountain road.
2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Toyota

Sometimes we find expert opinions that differ, but that’s not the case here. Turning to U. S. News and World Report, we find the 2022 Toyota Tacoma receives a predicted reliability score in the lower part of the Great category. While that sounds good, this truck only squeaks into this rating, and if it dropped a couple of points, the score would put it in the Average ranking.

That’s not what you expect from a truck considered the most reliable for many years.

On top of the relatively low score for reliability, US News also ranks the Tacoma fifth in the Compact Pickup Truck category. This puts it right in the middle of the pack.

What does RepairPal have to say about the 2022 Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota Tacoma driving through the sand
Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

RepairPal makes it easy to see why they rank vehicles where they do for reliability. The 2022 Tacoma receives an Above Average rating, which sounds great, but there’s more. The midsize truck class as a whole receives a higher grade than the Tacoma. That means this Toyota truck, often looked at as one of the most reliable vehicles on the road, is bringing down the average for the class.

Going a bit deeper, we see the Tacoma only fails to beat the average in one category from RepairPal. The average cost to repair this truck is lower than most and the frequency of necessary repairs is lower than the average, but the severity of those repairs is much greater than the average for this class.

How much does a 2022 Tacoma cost?

The starting price for the base model of the 2022 Toyota Tacoma is $27,150, but this truck can get pricey, with a top price of $49,290 for a fully-loaded version.

Is it worth buying a 2022 Tacoma?

If you’re basing your buying decision solely on reliability ratings, this Toyota truck is pretty good. It’s not the most reliable truck in the market, but it’s also not the least reliable. Maybe you feel a little swindled by the Toyota reliability reputation, but now you know what three expert opinions offer regarding this truck.

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This article was updated on 7/15/2022.


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