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As the Nissan Frontier continues to prove itself as a good mid-size truck, this vehicle once went by a different name and even wore different badges. For a brief time in the mid-2000s, Nissan shared its pickup with Suzuki, a manufacturer that no longer sells cars in the United States. The vehicle was almost exactly the same as the Frontier, but had Suzuki badges and was called the Equator. So, what happened to this widely-forgotten truck?

What was the Suzuki Equator?

When Suzuki decided it wanted to offer a mid-size truck in the United States, it asked Nissan for help, and the Equator was the result. The Equator was essentially the same pickup as the Nissan Frontier, but it featured Suzuki badging to set it apart. Today, these trucks are fairly rare, and seeing one can actually be a bit confusing. Especially if you do not know what you are looking at. 

The Equator was sold from 2009 until 2012, and that is a fairly impressive run for such an odd vehicle. Unfortunately, once Suzuki decided to exit the American market, the Equator was made no more. But, the Nissan Frontier is still going strong and has even entered its third generation. 

Is the Suzuki Equator the same as a Nissan Frontier?

During its four-year sales period, the Equator was identical to the Frontier. It had the same standard four-cylinder engine as well as an option V6. Suzuki’s pickup could even be equipped with four-wheel drive to increase its capability. 

A mid-size truck, the Suzuki Equator shared its DNA with the Nissan Frontier
Suzuki Equator | Bull Doser

Much like the Frontier, the Suzuki Equator had a variety of configurations as a mid-size truck. But, it was limited to two distinct trim levels. These trims included a base level and a better-equipped RMZ model. According to AutoTrader, what RMZ meant wasn’t exactly clear, but it did come with more options. One of these features was apparently a removable Garmin navigation system. 

Can you buy an Equator?

Because of its relatively low sales numbers, finding a used Suzuki Equator is not the easiest task. You are far more likely to find a pre-owned Frontier from this era that you can buy over the Suzuki pickup. But, if you can find Suzuki’s truck, it is likely to be cheaper than a Nissan Frontier. 

A Suzuki mid-size truck known as the Equator.
Suzuki Equator | BlueCrabRedCrab

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You may even be able to get a good deal on the Equator, because no one really knows what it is. And, Suzuki is no longer a brand that sells cars in the United States. In 2012, Suzuki made the announcement that it would be pulling its vehicle sales in the states. After that, the Equator and other Suzuki vehicles ended production.

If you are interested in the Suzuki Equator, it will certainly be a head-turning truck. It’s a rare vehicle and to some, that is an attractive prospect. But, at the end of the day, the Equator is still essentially a Nissan pickup. And at that time in Nissan’s life, the Frontier was an old-school truck, even when new. So, don’t expect a luxury experience from your Suzuki Equator.