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The Suzuki Cappuccino is a fantastic way for car enthusiasts to step into the world of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) imports without breaking the bank. The prices of the heavy hitters of the JDM world like the Nissan Skyline and Toyota Supra are skyrocketing to all-time highs. So, it only makes sense to search for more affordable alternatives. The Suzuki Cappuccino fills the void perfectly for those interested in a Japanese Import within the range of a modest budget. How modest? This one just sold for under $7,000!

What is a kei car?

Suzuki Cappuccino kei car from Cars and Bids sold in California
Suzuki Cappuccino | Cars and Bids

A kei car is a small Japanese car subject to certain regulations from the Japanese government. They are primarily for densely populated urban areas. According to Motor Trend, they cannot exceed 133.85 inches in length, 58.26 inches in width, or 78.74 inches in height.

The Suzuki Cappuccino is a spectacular two-seat kei car that was originally only developed for the Japanese market. However, given that they are now legal for import in the US, many import dealers and individuals have taken to bringing them into the states.

The Cappucino features a configurable top that allows it to be driven as a full convertible, open-top targa, or a fixed-roof coupe. It features a 657 cubic-centimeter turbocharged three-cylinder engine, making 63 horsepower and 63 pound-feet of torque. This might not sound like much, but they also only weigh 1,600 pounds. The responsive turbocharged engine and lightweight make driving a Cappuccino like driving a go-kart.

How much does a Suzuki Cappuccino cost?

As with any car, the price of a Cappuccino is heavily dependent on its condition. That being said, valuing one in the United States is a bit difficult, as they were never sold here. Fortunately, a recent auction on Cars and Bids puts in perspective what one might expect to spend on a Cappuccino in reasonable driver’s condition. Though it isn’t a perfect example, it sold for a surprisingly modest hammer price of $6,800.

The Cappuccino in question had unknown actual mileage. Though it displays around 27,500 miles, the auction states that the seller believes the five-digit odometer has rolled over. So, a closer estimate of the actual mileage on this particular example is 89,600 miles.

Aside from the uncertainty on the mileage, it also has a fair amount of small issues. The listing states that it has some scratches and fading paint on the roof and trunk lid. Furthermore, it has some scratches throughout the paintwork. The interior also has some cracks and wear on the seats and interior door handles.

This Cappuccino also has a host of upgrades. The listing states that it has a full stainless steel exhaust system, an aftermarket intercooler, an aftermarket air filter, and an upgraded clutch. Upgrades include a set of 14-inch wheels, a strut tower brace, coilover suspension, and an EGR delete. Finally, it has an aftermarket Kenwood stereo head unit.

Imperfection makes perfection

Interior of 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino sold on Cars and Bids for $6,800
Suzuki Cappuccino Interior | Cars and Bids

Though this is one of the most affordable Cappuccinos, they aren’t all this cheap. A quick Autotrader search reveals low-mileage Cappuccino offerings with asking prices over triple the price the lucky Cars and Bids auction winner paid. However, buying a cheaper example with some cosmetic issues can save thousands of dollars. Furthermore, it would allow regular driving without any fear of what might happen to it when out and about.

Overall, the Suzuki Cappuccino is a fantastic pocket-sized sports car that opens the door for many to venture into the world of purchasing a JDM car without having to settle for something boring. Sure, one could buy a small van or kei truck, but the sports car allure of the Cappuccino is what really sells it. So, if you’re interested in JDM imports, an affordable driver’s grade Suzuki Cappuccino might just be exactly what you need! Assuming you can fit in it, that is.


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