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Hyundai Palisade driving down dirt road

The Hyundai Palisade is a Luxury SUV Bargain

If you’re looking for a new car bargain on a luxury SUV, this driver thinks you’d do well to consider the 2020 Hyundai Palisade. While technically a crossover, the Palisade is a three-row, midsize family crossover, with three different trim levels: the SE ($31,550), the SEL ($33,500), and the Limited ($44,700). Hyundai Palisade Review One …
2019 Toyota Land Cruiser off-roading over rocky trail

10 New SUVs Owners Keep the Longest

The SUV continues to be one of the most popular vehicle purchases in the U.S. SUVs generally aren’t as large as a minivan, but with ample cargo space, SUVs offer plenty of storage and a cooler image. Based on a new study by the website, these are the top 10 new SUVs that owners hold on to the …

Massive GM Recall Over Truck/SUV Brakes

A brake issue that first became apparent almost five years ago has resulted in a recall of almost 3.5 million General Motors large pickups and SUVs. So far, the brake problem has caused 113 accidents and 13 injuries. It has also been responsible for hundreds of complaints fielded by federal regulators at the NHTSA. You …
Vehicle Safety

New Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator Plagued by Odd Problems

There are some weird goings-on behind the scenes of the 2020 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator roll out. Apparently, there have been multiple assembly problems with new Explorer and Aviator SUVs. This particular story has to do with new Explorers and Aviators that have been assembled or delivered to dealers but not yet sold. There’s …
Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 Safety Questioned After Failing Moose Test

In my years (OK, decades) of reporting on cars, I’ve never heard of the “moose test.” So if it’s the first time you’re hearing about it, you’re not alone. Now you also know it has something to do with the Toyota RAV4‘s safety. But before we get to that, let’s back up. There is a …

The “Sweedest” Sleeper SUV You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s true—every car enthusiast has a favorite sleeper car or sleeper SUV.  The arrest-me-red Chevrolet Camaros and grabber blue Ford Mustangs may bring in the hardware at car shows, but their reputation certainly precedes them. They’re not particularly rare, unique, or unsuspecting. Their aggressive styling oozes the aura of speed and performance. Everybody knows these …
2020 Land Rover Defender

New Land Rover Defender Finally Revealed

After being dropped in 1997 in the US and in 2016 for many other countries, the new Land Rover Defender is back for 2020. It’s more advanced, upscale, and also more expensive, but it looks almost like an off-road concept vehicle.  The new Defender still has the cues of its predecessor but in a much …

There’s a New Nissan Juke, just not for the U.S.

The Nissan Juke gained a cult following for its bug-like oddball styling, and for many years it sold over 35,000 per year before falling off of a cliff in 2017. Introduced in 2010, it has been hard to categorize but is popular nonetheless.  Two years out of production, Nissan is ready to introduce an all-new …