Which SUVs Should You Buy Now? Consumer Reports Tells Us

Driving a new SUV gives you a great feeling. You’ve got a new vehicle with tons of possibilities that can last a long time. With vehicle prices higher than ever, it can be hard to find the right SUV and the deal you want. Fear not; some models offered with discounts and rebates can help you spend a little less. Let’s look at the highly-rated SUVs that bring impressive discounts to give you the savings you desire.

Is the Chevy Equinox priced right for you?

Enjoy some great savings on the 2022 Chevy Equinox
2022 Chevy Equinox | Chevrolet

Consumer Reports tells us you can save up to 8% off the price of a 2022 Chevy Equinox SUV. This deal is good now through the end of May. This SUV scored a 74 in the CR testing, and it brings a relatively affordable price. Save up to $2,311 for the Equinox for the LT in the 1LT AWD models.

Could you enjoy driving the Chevy Blazer SUV?

This red 2022 Chevy Blazer offers you qualities that make it an excellent SUV to drive.
2022 Chevy Blazer | Chevrolet

Another Chevy SUV that delivers savings of 8% off the price is the 2022 Blazer. The Blazer reaches the third spot in the midsize SUV class and receives a CR score of 82. Choose the 2LT AWD package and maximize the savings to $2,911 off the price. You’ll admire the sporty look and the enjoyable roominess of this two-row midsize SUV.

Save some dough and drive the Nissan Murano

Chevrolet isn’t the only brand that offers good discounts this month. If you want to enjoy the stylish ride of the 2022 Nissan Murano, the savings can be significant. Save up to 7% off the price of the Murano that scores 81 in the CR ratings. Choose the AWD SL model, and you’ll save up to $3,106 off the price of this midsize SUV.

The GMC Acadia is an SUV with a generous discount

Why is the 2022 GMC Acadia in last place? MotorTrend ranked it as the worst three-row SUV of 2022.
2022 GMC Acadia | GMC

Look to the 2022 GMC Acadia when you want a rugged and tough vehicle on and off the roads. CR gives the Acadia score of 70, making it the eighth-ranked model in the luxury midsize SUV class. The 7% savings you’ll find for this SUV can translate to $3,236 when you select the Denali AWD model.

Is the Chevy Traverse the right SUV for you?

The Chevy Traverse receives an 83 from CR. This is an excellent number when looking for an SUV that delivers a complete package of driving qualities. You can save up to 7% off the price of the Traverse if you choose the Premier AWD version. These savings could translate to $3,263 off the price of your vehicle.

Should you drive the Cadillac XT5?

When you want to drive a luxury SUV and save a little money, the Cadillac XT5 is the right buy for May. This model is the runner-up in the luxury compact SUV category and earns an 82 from CR. Save up to 6% off the price of the Luxury AWD trim, and you’ll save as much as $2,800. This might be the right deal for you.

Maybe the Ford Edge is the SUV you want to drive

The 2022 Ford Edge earns a CR score of 80 and is the fifth-ranked midsize model in the market. Ford offers incentives that add up to 5% off the price of the Edge. Choose the SEL AWD trim and maximize those savings, which could translate to $2,058. The Ford Edge is an impressive and roomy vehicle in its class, offering comfort and style during your drive.

Which SUV offers the right savings for you?

You can see GM models dominate the deals listed by Consumer reports. These deals expire at the end of May, which means you need to act fast if you’re ready to buy an SUV. If you’ve been making a list of pros and cons for various SUVs, these price incentives should be part of that list.

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