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Your next vehicle purchase will be a big one, and you’ll want to make sure that the SUV you has all the features you need, like four-wheel- drive, or maybe good towing capability, or maybe seven seats. You’ll also want it to hold its value. You don’t want to buy an SUV that’s worthless after just a few years. As a rule of thumb, new SUVs lose about 50% of their new value in three years. While in today’s marketplace it seems like that might not be true because of a shortage of new cars, resale value is still important. When it comes to new SUVs that keep their value, the 2022 Toyota 4Runner reigns supreme.

If you pick the right SUV you’ll be able to trade it in for more when the time comes. Resale value is still important whether you’re going to sell it yourself or trade it in. There are a few ways to maintain your resale value, which include not smoking in it, not putting on tacky accessories, and keeping the expensive accessories to a minimum. Not everyone will want to pay a premium for your giant tires, neon lights, or loud exhaust pipes.

How much value should the 4Runner retain?

2023 Toyota 4Runner 40th Anniversary Edition
2023 Toyota 4Runner 40th Anniversary Edition | Toyota

According to Kelly Blue Book, some SUVs will hold their value better than others. The site estimated which vehicles are projected to retain the highest percentage of their original sticker price. KBB expects the 4Runner SUV to have the best resale value in five years and keep 58.6% of its value.

That’s not a surprise. Toyota based the 4Runner on the Tacoma, and the truck is expected to retain 70.2% of its value. The 4Runner is expected to be updated for 2023, but the 2022 Toyota 4Runner is one of the best off-road SUVs you can buy, especially in TRD trims. It’s not a luxury SUV. The 4Runner handles the tough stuff with ease. Most don’t realize that 4Runner offers an optional tiny third row for packing in two more passengers if you need to.

Is the 4Runner a good off-road SUV?

The 2022 Toyota 4Runner caused a disagreement with Consumer Reports and iSeeCars
The 2022 Toyota 4Runner SUV on a city street | Toyota

The 4Runner’s four-wheel-drive options, and body-on-frame construction, make it one of the most popular off-road vehicles. It can also be ordered with a variety of extras, like Crawl Control, which can help get you unstuck. While it can’t seat eight, it can seat seven with an optional two-person jump seat. But most people buy the 4Runner because of its nice high sight lines and its off-road abilities.

What options does the 2022 Toyota 4Runner offer?

The fifth-generation of 4Runner was released as a 2010 model and has remained much the same. It’s been updated with everything from special suspension packages, infotainment, Apple Car Play, and mild facelifts since then. The various TRD packages make the 4Runner one of the most capable off-road SUVs, too. It’s powered by a 270-HP V6.

The 4Runner, because of its five-speed transmission and its comparative heft, gets only 17 in the city and 21 mpg on the highway.

Used 4Runners are expensive because it’s the SUV that keeps the best resale value.

A red 2022 Toyota 4Runner splashing through a puddle.
2022 Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

4Runner or Highlander, Which Is a Better Used Buy?

In 2019, a 4Runner started at $40,000 and with options could reach $54,711. On the used market, today’s five-year old 4Runners sell for about $20,000. Many of those have nearly 200,000 miles, which bodes well for the SUVs reliability.  In SR5 or Limited package 2014 4Runners are about $25,000, while a premium TRD Off-Road Premium sells today for almost what it sold for new in 2019.