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A hidden gun inside a secret pickup truck storage compartment sounds like one of the most American things ever. This time, however, it’s not Americans at all. The people of Switzerland are also very into guns and trucks. So much so that Zurich, Switzerland-based Black Sheep Innovations created this unique pickup truck modification.

The secret pickup truck taillight gun storage compartment

If you’ve ever needed a secret compartment to store your gun or whatever else you want inside your pickup truck, Black Sheep Innovations has the answer. The company specializes in pickup truck modifications in both American and Swiss markets. Popular Swiss pickup trucks like the Toyota Hilux and Volkswagen Anorak are unavailable in the US, but the mods will still work.

This “secret” storage compartment slides out of the taillight. After putting the tailgate down, grabbing and pulling the taillight reveals all the extra storage you could ask for. Black Sheep shows it off by hiding a large hunting rifle inside. It’s perfect for preventing anyone from finding your gun, as well as just some extra storage for small objects.

What else can the pickup truck taillight storage compartment hide?

Black Sheep Innovations shows off its gun storage secret compartment inside the taillight of a Toyota Hilux pickup truck.
Secret taillight storage compartment | Black Sheep Innovations GmbH on YouTube

Anything can hide inside the secret storage compartment, as long as it fits. The container isn’t specifically designed to store guns, but it’s the most exciting option. In the company’s photos, they’ve placed coffee, energy drinks, other beverages, and more inside to show off the height and width. It might be a great addition to a pickup truck used for tailgating to maximize space.

Can Americans buy the taillight gun storage compartment?

Black Sheep Innovations shows off its gun storage secret compartment inside the taillight of a Toyota Hilux pickup truck.
Gun storage taillight secret compartment | Black Sheep Innovations GmbH on YouTube

You can order the taillight gun storage compartment if you live in the United States. Just visit the Black Sheep website, choose USD as your currency, and then purchase. The same company has loads of modifications available on its site. Just be sure to check if the modification is available for your make and model. Black Sheep’s pickup trucks are the Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Navara, and Mercedes X-Klasse.

Other mods include lights, gun storage, body modifications, and more. There’s even a way to store a gun inside the tailgate of the truck. With both of these secret storage compartments installed, you could keep a gun inside the taillight and the tailgate simultaneously.

According to a report from WKYC Studios, a man was arrested in Ohio for having a storage compartment like this. After being pulled over for speeding, the report states that loose wires revealed the hidden compartment to an officer. The officer then arrested the man, despite it having nothing inside.

According to Ohio law, just driving a “trap car” is now a felony. That means the driver, even without having any contraband onboard, was lawfully arrested. A hidden storage compartment like this is illegal in the US, in some states.

Most of the pickup trucks for which Black Sheep makes the secret gun compartment are not sold in the US. However, if you’re the owner of a Toyota Tundra, you could get one. Hide guns, drinks, or whatever else you want in there. We’re just surprised it wasn’t Americans who started hiding a gun inside a secret pickup truck storage compartment.


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