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We hope that the new GMC Canyon is alright. We’re a little concerned because it started the year in last place. Other models, like the Toyota Tacoma, can’t be stopped. So what’s going on with the 2023 GMC Canyon, and should it be worried? 

Is the 2023 GMC Canyon available? 

Why are 2023 GMC Canyon sales so low?
2023 GMC Canyon AT4X | GMC

Yes, the 2023 GMC Canyon is out and available. The order books have already been opened, and some models are even being delivered. It entered regular production in January along with the AT4X. However, the beefy AT4X AEV Edition just debuted.

Perhaps this contributes to its slow start to the year. Ford Authority noted that the 2023 Canyon sold 5,016 models in the first quarter of 2023. If it entered production earlier in 2022, then maybe more models would have been available. 

But this figure also represents an 18.57% sales decrease compared to the first quarter of 2022, when the Canyon moved 6,160 units. Perhaps sales were down because people were waiting for the new model. 

Now the GMC Canyon has been in last place for the first quarter of the year two times in a row. Its closest competitor, the Ford Ranger, moved 11,500 trucks during Q1 of 2023 despite being old with the next-generation model on the way. 

Also, the only truck that increased in sales is the dated 2023 Toyota Tacoma. It moved 53,585 models for a 0.75% sales increase. As of now, the Cayon ales have continued to decrease by 14.2%. Only the Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline have an increase in sales. Most midsize trucks are down by 20%.

Why are Canyon sales down? 

The 2023 GMC Canyon could be struggling against declining sales due to timing. Perhaps entering production a little earlier would have helped. But that doesn’t explain the lack of sales in 2022. 

Of course, we can speculate that ongoing supply chain shortages could be responsible for delays. Some models and configurations are currently unavailable due to limited supplies. Also, the Canyon dropped multiple configurations. 

It’s only available in four trim levels and as a crew cab with a 5-foot-2-inch short box. The four trims consist of the Elevation, AT4, Denali, and AT4X models. This may be limiting in the segment without a more affordable work truck and entry-level models. 

Reportedly people are waiting for the AT4X model, but it could take longer to get. Now the AT4X AEV Edition will take even longer.

The Canyon starts at $36,900, while the mechanically similar Chevy Colorado begins at around $29,200. These are the MSRPs, so prices don’t include the destination fee or dealership markups. 

Plus, the Colorado is more popular than the Canyon, with 13,526 sales in Q1. Maybe General Motors is focusing more on promoting it against the Toyota Tacoma. 

How reliable is the 2023 Canyon? 

How reliable is the 2023 GMC Canyon?
2023 GMC Canyon AT4 | GMC

The 2023 GMC Canyon has an average reliability rating from J.D.Power. It earned an 80 out of 100. Scores between 70 – 80 are average, while scores between 81 and 90 are above average. It just barely missed the mark. 

The average Canyon model is expected to reach 200,000 miles, but with proper care and maintenance, it can reach 300,000 miles. So, its quality and durability aren’t exactly the problem. 

However, the Tacoma is expected to last much longer.  It should reach 300,000 to 400,000 miles. But you could still get between 15 to 20 years of service on the road

But the Canyon is a truck worth buying. It has a high-quality interior, plenty of capability, and a comfortable ride. It has plush amenities like the GMC Sierra 1500, only in a more convenient size. We will keep tracking the Canyon to see if it improves.