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Like it or not, the Subaru WRX has a little bit of a reputation. That’s doubly true for second-hand modified ones. So much so in fact, that you likely already had the stereotype in your head after reading that. It’s fair. Subaru built a cheap, fast, AWD car that has rally pedigree. When depreciation inevitably puts these in the hands of certain drivers, chaos can ensure.

Or so a new study claims. The study found that owners of the WRX are much more likely to get in an accident than many other vehicle types.

Subaru WRX drivers are more accident-prone

A white Subaru WRX STI shot from the front 3/4 angle in a harbor
Older WRX models are incredibly accessible | Antony Dickson via Getty Images

The study, performed by Insurify, does in fact confirm that drivers of the Subaru WRX are more accident prone. More than that, ‘Rex drivers are significantly more accident prone than comparable makes. The well-loved Volkswagen GTI? Not even on the list. Mazda 3? Forget it? Mitsubishi Lancer Evo? Supposing you can find one, you can bet its not on the list.

Overall, the ‘Rex ranked third overall in the study. Insurify used the 10.78% national average of drivers with prior at fault accidents as a baseline. The Subaru WRX ranked at 15.44% below only the Kia Stinger at 15.75% (weirdly) and the Scion FR-S at 15.87%. There were a myriad of other cars below the ‘Rex, but the reputation of Subaru’s rally champ certainly sticks out, seeing as it’s one of the more performance-leaning cars on the list.

Is owning a Subaru WRX worth it?

A blue Subaru WRX shot in profile with a blur effect as it speeds down a forest trail
It’s hard to shake the WRX stereotype | National Motor Museum via Getty Images

That reputation could potentially correlate with increased accidents. While not necessarily always true, speedy drivers obviously have a tendency to get into more accidents. The reputation of WRX drivers certainly corroborates that theory. Not to knock anyone for driving a Subaru WRX, mind you. Plenty of ‘Rex drivers are perfectly safe and reasonable humans.

Not only that, but the Subaru WRX is a worthy driving companion. AWD grip, combined with solid power (around 230+ hp, depending on model), make the WRX a fun way to get around. Make your head gasket jokes all you want, the Subaru WRX is in reality a perfectly reliable ride in addition to that. Plus, you can’t deny the potential for on, and even off-road fun. Perhaps this is a case of “a few bad apples.”

Insurance companies may notice increased accident rates

A silver Subaru WRX shot from the front with a blur effect applied to the photo
The Subaru WRX looks fast standing still | Jim Mahoney via Getty Images

Obviusly, there’s the chance that insurance companies will notice the “few bad apples” and adjust rates accordingly. My insurance company qualified my Golf GTI as a “sports car,” and it’s not hard to imagine other insurance providers thinking the same of the rally-bred WRX. However, as long as you go about choosing a provider with caution (especially if you’re under 25), you’ll end up in a sedan worthy of praise, accident-prone or not.


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